Saturday, September 15, 2012

New work

Here are a few new pieces finished and ready for some upcoming shows. Finally I'm not rushing the deadlines and I have work ready plenty ahead of time, so I'm not freaking out at the last minute. I mixed up some glazes yesterday and glazed the little houses for a raku test fire today. I'm trying out a powder blue color and a coral red, and I put some manganese in a base glaze just for the hell of it. We'll see, I might hate them, but then again I  might not....

 The donkeys are going over to Cedar Creek Gallery next week for the upcoming show Politically Charged. This was about as political as I felt like getting. I am so annoyed with the state of our politics and the state of the world in general, I didn't want to bring all of that unpleasantness into my work. Maybe one day, I'll make something edgy, but that requires a lot of emotional energy that I just don't have right now. These are really nice, and I like donkeys.
Artists for the Cedar Creek show include:

Alan and Rosemary Bennett, Tracey Broome, William Brouillard, Melisa Caddell, Nell Chandler, Erick Haagensen, A. Brooke Heuts, Betty McKim, Jennifer Mecca, Marsha Owen, Gillian Parke, Andree Richmond, Justin Rothshank, Laurie Shaman, Darcy Szeremi, Adam Posnak, and Noi Volkov.

This spool is beautiful and so smooth from years of use by some hard working hands, I imagine. I'll be sad to part with it, I have enjoyed holding it. It was tucked in a basket of sewing tools and on the bottoms shelf of a display cabinet in a little antique shop in Hillsborough. I'm not sure how it found it's way to me, but it was meant for this barn. They go together perfectly. Now it can go and see the world!


gz said...

Your work is looking good. I like the blog header photo with cobwebs.

Tracey Broome said...

Thanks GZ, my husband shot that photo late one afternoon on our front porch. IT sort of suits the season with Halloween coming doesn't it?!

Susan Wells said...

Love those donkey decals! They look great on your work.