Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nice Cup Bro!

Do you guys ever check out the tumblr site Nice Cup Bro! ?
This cup by Sunshine Cobb was posted today. Makes me want to run out and buy red earthenware,
sigh....... there are a lot of great cups posted, go see, go on, but finish this post first :)
I am loving my tumbr page. It's fun and I see a lot of stuff that I wouldn't normally see trolling through blog land. There is some crazy shit out there! I posted this piece when I first started and it has been reblogged a bunch of times. I even had a comment on it. Imagine with the gazillion images flying through tumblr, I get a comment, that was cool! the puzzling thing is that this piece is still sitting at Mudfire Gallery. I got a bunch of comments on it when I posted it on my blog, people emailed to ask about it and now tumblr is reblogging it. So why isn't it selling? I have even referred people to Mudfire. I don't get it. It's a great piece. Oh well, go figure the world of selling art...... if you think you might need to have it for your very own, it's still for sale at Mudfire Gallery. I have a link over there on the right column :) it's really pretty.


handstories said...

those stairs! you are right, it is a great piece. & now i am imaging your houses as mugs (yes, i've had a glass of wine)!

Hollis Engley said...

It'll sell. No doubt. I'll have to look at the cup site. And "Sunshine Cobb" ... what a great name.

Lori Buff said...

Red earthenware would go well with your work, you should try it. I expect is would add another layer of depth and might even add a grounded in the earth element.

Shannon said...

oh yes, the waiting and not understanding the why is it still sitting there--I know it well. This piece reminds me of all those Romans who paid to have their face (and idealized body) sculpted so they could be around for eternity, and yet, oops, years go by and someone knocks your head off. Such is vanity.

Linda Fahey said...

love "Nice Cup Bro" on Tumbler !! also, check out PPPots. Tumbler is a time suck, but can be so amazing!

and that piece of yours is awesome, Tracey - it'll sell, just waiting for it's exact match. Someone will come along it really 'belongs' to.

Sunshine is a great gal, and sun shiny happy all the time ;-))

Tracey Broome said...

Hey ya'll, thanks for the comment,s just catching up on my reading!!!

angela walford said...

who knows trace!!! my fav tile is still sitting in a gorgeous shop space too...go figure