Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Rules

I came across this on tumblr today. There was no credit so, sorry, I can't pass on the source....
These were pretty much the rules in our house when Wesley was growing up. Except maybe that never give up one. You can give up when something is clearly not going anywhere and you are wasting valuable time and energy! The most important thing we always asked of her was to respect us as people and we would respect her. It worked out pretty well, I think we had to discipline her only once or twice when she was a kid.  I have only yelled at her like three times, twice when she hurt her dad's feelings, which I did not tolerate, and once when she left us in one of those huge endless neighborhoods one Halloween, we didn't think we would ever find her, and I cursed at her for the first time. It was bad. Oh wait, and once after she graduated high school and used that "I'm 18 now, why do I have to be home when you say?" and then I yelled, "because it's my house...", and you know how the rest of that sentence goes, the dreaded words you swear you will never say when you get to be a parent..... well, you do say them!
These rules made me smile when I read them. There are other rules for when your kid goes off to college and things come up that you never expected and you get phone calls with issues you aren't prepared to deal with and you grow and you learn, just like your child. I have been slammed with a bunch of them here lately, wish I had gone to college and studied psychology instead of interior design. I am not equipped for the life of a 19 year old, except for the memories of who I was then......  I try and think about what I wish someone had said to me at that age, when all I heard from those around me was "it's a sin" (everything was a sin!)
all I can say is you must know your own truth, then the rest is easy
peace ya'll


Mystery Girl said...

That is really a nice house rules :D

Tour broome

Dennis Allen said...

Friends came into my booth this weekend and asked "You been behaving yourself" My response " Behaving would be a lot more popular if it was as much fun as misbehaving,"

Michèle Hastings said...

I think it's more challenging to parent young adults than small children. Our jobs are never done.

Lori Buff said...

This sign should be in everyone's house. If my dogs could read they might even follow them once in a while.

Dennis - I always say "be it good or bad it's still behavior." I'll have to remember your response too.

Susan Wells said...

Sometimes I think parenting teenagers is more like a roller coaster ride where I just sit and have an experience. Not knowing what's coming next: horror or delight. Other times I like to take the bull by the horns. My knees though are in good shape for all the praying I've been doing. Here's my latest: "Lord, please let me say beautiful things so that the bridge that my son is incinerating is easier to rebuild when he's 25"