Friday, October 5, 2012

Cedar Creek Opening tonight

These are really sweet and some of my favorites from the firing. Sandy, the owner of Lark and Key Gallery sent me the door plate on the last piece. It's really beautiful, this photo does not show it off all that great, but it is wonderful. How about that, a gallery owner sending me treasures for my work!
The photo of the baby came from a bunch of old photos Cindy Shake sent me a while back.
These are the last of my doorknobs and they are getting harder to find at an affordable price. My work is becoming more and more one of a kind, I sort of like that, keeps it fresh!
Don't forget the Cedar Creek Gallery opening of Politically Charged is tonight, and kicks off their always amazing fall festival. Come on out if you can, I'll be there with my pals Susan and Laura!


Amy said...

wow, a great gallery owner!

Really, really like the ladder one. your work is so defined; it is so you. simply beautiful.

Tracey Broome said...

Thanks Amy! I like the ladder too :) and yes she is an exceptional gallery owner!

Kings Creek Pottery said...

Tracey, these are amazing!! I just keep falling in love with your work over and over :)