Sunday, October 7, 2012

I would rather make soup and serve it in these nice bowls!

Before I tell you about today, let me mention the beautiful new bowl I bought at Cedar Creek Friday night. Barbara McKenzie, do you recognize this, haha! Barbara makes beautiful bowls and this one was calling my name. I have two bowls from Hollis Engley that match it. When the three of us are home together, two of us get the Hollis bowls and there is always a random bowl that doesn't match. That's ok, because it is usually one of Brandon Phillip's bowls that I use every day, but still, they look odd together. So now when I use the bowls from Hollis, this one will look so great with them. Now let me tell you about today......  I packed my car up yesterday and watched weather underground all day for hourly updates on the rain and cold that were predicted for Sunday, the day of Festifall, of course. Saturday was beautiful, 83 degrees, not a cloud in the sky. Sunday, rain, cold, 50 degrees. great! I was hoping for the best so I got my ass up out of bed at 7am this morning, drove over to Chapel Hill, it wasn't raining, that was good. Got in the vendor line and waited for the gates to open. Well, the gates opened, just the wrong ones! First it thundered, then lightening, then the rain started pouring down. Gerry texted me to say that it was just a band of showers moving through and it would pass. I sat there for a few minutes and then said to myself, "Screw this". It's just not worth it. I'm not into setting up a tent in the rain, and even if the rain stops it's still wet everywhere, I would be soaked and it was cold. Cold and damp I don't do anymore! Plenty of wet camping trips sealed that deal for me.
I had left Gerry and Wesley home in bed. Gerry had a late game to shoot last night and his back is injured so there was no reason for both of them to come out in the misery with me. I sat there thinking about them at home all warm and snug and then I pulled out of line, turned my car around and went home! Of course five minutes after I got home the rain stopped, but I don't care!
 I am sitting here in my warm house, with my lovely family, Wesley home from school, Gerry off today. Wesley and I are making a pot of Peruvian Quinoa Stew from the Moosewood Cookbook, some cornbread to go along with it and we may just sit here all day and watch movies. I'm pretty sure this is my last outdoor show. I have been reading blogs all year from people that got rained out at outdoor shows or had poor attendance or just had a booth set up at a dumb ass convention when they thought they were doing an art festival. I'm done with it. I have no patience for the fools that think I'm selling a birdhouse for twelve dollars and fifty cents, and I have to tell them that no, it is not a birdhouse and it is one hundred and fifty dollars, and then listen to them laugh as they move on to the air brush custom painted toilet seat covers. Sorry, I have paid my dues. I am going to have to find other venues to sell my work, or not sell it at all. I would rather make a pot of soup with my beautiful child!
 Good news is that I have plenty of inventory for my upcoming indoor shows, so I won't have to push as hard as I was expecting. Who knows, maybe later we will hop in the car that isn't packed with a show booth and go see what's happening at Festifall!
Happy day ya'll


Michèle Hastings said...

Sorry to hear you got rained out... for some reason I was thinking your show was two days and thought, at least Saturday was great weather.
Enjoy a day of soup & snuggling with loved ones.
...and those Moosewoods cookbooks are great. I think we have three.

Tracey Broome said...

Michele, we probably have the same three! Yeah, I wish it had been two days because yesterday was a beautiful day. I should have just applied for Shakori and hung out with all the stoned hippies :)

cookingwithgas said...

HAHAHA- Yes that would have been better. I was thinking today that too many years of shows have made me jaded move than I care to admit. I don't even like going to street fairs or shows anymore. I would prefer to find you, at your studio, when you have enough time to give.
I just don't get the many,many,many art shows. Most are there to make money for the organization not you.....
now about that spray painted toliet seat- I need 2.

cookingwithgas said...

ps that would be more---and the bowls are wonderful- bought right the potter - the best way to buy.

Dennis Allen said...

I visited the Potato Festival a few miles from us today. The idea of setting up there had crossed my mind but I skipped it. Something about a food name in the title. So glad I skipped this one.It was the unwashed and toothless eating french fries and apple dumplings in a cold drizzling rain.No quality craft let alone art. Just junk.

Candace Thomas said...

Hi Tracey, At 8:26 this morning I was sitting in my car in the vendors line at Festifall. I was excited (I would see Tracey today!)You know the rest.....When it started raining at 8:36 I drove all the way through, looked at my spot, and came home. It was raining for over an hour after I got home. The good thing is I have merchandise, the other side is I didn't see Tracey.
Maybe I'll pull out my Moosewood Cookbook and make some soup.
Peace and Stitch,

Tracey Broome said...

hey Meredith, yes there ae too many shows and too few people making money from them.I think you are right, the organizers are the winners.
Dennis, I think you told me once to not choose a festival with a food or music reference in the title. Potato Festival sounds like something to run from!
CANDACE!! So sorry to miss you as well. We just need to make a lunch date and catch up. You made me feel so much better knowting that you left also!! It was bad wasn't it!

Laura Farrow said...

on a day like today, soup and movies was the better choice! Cheers!!! xo

Tracey Broome said...

Definitely made the right choice! Thanks for the email this morning and thinking about me xo

Susan Wells said...

I was thinking about you today while I was snuggled up in the van reading a book, listening to the rain, happy to be dry and warm and with my hubby on a lazy day. I know what you mean about outdoor shows. Scuse me but they SUCK! especially with ceramics which are heavy! I know you are glad you went HOME!

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Susan, I was thinking about you too and wishing I had done Shakori instead. At least then I would have had three beautiful days and good music! I was wondering if you we're staying warm and dry out there:)

Lori Buff said...

Getting rained out sucks but better to turn around and go home BEFORE you set up then after. Smart move.

Tracey Broome said...

Hi Lori, yeah, I had just enough time to sit in line, before they opened the gate, to think about how awful the day was going to be! I would have been so annoyed if I had gotten my tent set up and then had the rain come. I read yesterday on a blog that very few vendors showed up. Too bad, it is really a great festival when the weather is good.... and I do well there.

Shannon said...

And I was having brunch at 10:30 across the street at 411 West watching the COLD soggy setting up of Festifall booths and thinking 'I am so glad it's not me out there.' Good for you taking a personal care stand. It looked miserable.

Tracey Broome said...

Shannon, I KNOW! After I got home, I kept stepping out on the porch and wondering how many were crazy enough to set up and stay all day. There is not enough money at any festival worth that misery!

Candace Thomas said...
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Candace Thomas said...

Have you seen this press release from the Fine Designer Crafts Show?
Fine Designer Crafts Show to Feature Local Artist’s Clay Pieces
Chapel Hill-Based Artist to Display Work at Annual Crafts Show Hosted by the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild Nov. 23-25
Raleigh, NC, October 07, 2012 --( The Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild ( has announced that Tracey Broome, an individual craftsperson from Chapel Hill, N.C., will be featured at the 43rd Annual Fine Designer Crafts Show at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh from Friday, Nov. 23 through Sunday, Nov. 25. Broome, who participated in the 2011 show, will display clay structures of barns and houses.

Beginning her career in craftsmanship as a set designer for the High Point Furniture Market and later the Charlotte Repertory Theatre, Broome began taking pottery classes in 2003. She became a professional artist in 2007 after moving to Chapel Hill. Broome prides herself on creating pieces that recreate events and celebrate past experiences and memories. Her work, which she describes as quiet and contemplative, incorporates vintage objects and architectural features, as well as personal family treasures. Broome’s vision as an artist is to create objects that clearly speak to and resonate with the viewer.

Broome won second place for the best artist at FestiFall in Chapel Hill and third place at the N.C. Landscape Show at the Visual Arts Exchange (VAE) and the VAE award in 2012. She has been invited to participate in numerous shows such as American Craft Today at The Bascom and Storytellers at Lark and Key.

“We are honored to have Tracey participate in the Fine Designer Crafts Show again this year,” said Elizabeth Lyne, president of the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild. “Tracey’s beautifully sculpted clay pieces attract many visitors because of their unique ability to recreate emotional experiences and commemorate memories.”

New Media Content:
Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild on Facebook:

About Carolina Designer Craftsmen:
The Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild, based in Raleigh, N.C., provides a lucrative marketplace for the finest traditional and contemporary crafts in the Southeast. The Guild recognizes and promotes fine crafts, including original and handmade clay, fiber, glass, jewelry, metal, basketry, wood, works on paper and mixed media products. Its annual Fine Craft and Design Show, traditionally held on Thanksgiving weekend, provides a premier regional showcase for exhibiting members to display their work and for art enthusiasts of every taste and budget to shop. Since 1970, the Guild has supported and perpetuated the professional pursuit of design and craftsmanship, encouraged opportunities for artistic growth and promoted education in and appreciation of the art of fine craft. For more information, visit the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild website at

Jake Potter
MMI Public Relations
(919) 233-6600

Anonymous said...

sounds like a turn for the better! love moosewood cookbooks, the lemon mushrooms in that one is a favorite. said...

I dont really do outdoor events due to the inclement british weather, I did one once but I wouldn't do it again! That cookbook sounds awesome!

Amy said...

ugh, don't like outdoor shows much either. have decided to always carry a few pieces with me when I travel. just got back from a conference and took a small highwater clay box of pieces and sold several, plus took several orders. all word of mouth. :) that seems to work best for me.