Friday, October 12, 2012

One of my very own

 I have been accumulating all sorts of treasures to put in little niches with my barns and working on commissions for family heirlooms and memories this past year. I have lots of my own little treasures but I don't seem to have the time to make a piece for myself. Gerry and I went to Charlotte Wednesday to help his parents out with some medical issues. Gerry is one of four children and his mom has made a box for each kid filled with memorabilia, like report cards, photos, letters, etc. We got Gerry's box out and went through it and I found this little cat in a bag with the following note:
"When Gerry was small he would give me this cat every year for Christmas." I just laughed out loud to think about Gerry as a little boy wrapping this cat up every year for his mom. So, I brought the cat home thinking that I would make a piece for her and give it to her for Christmas with the cat and the note inside.
 I have one barn that I kept for myself with the little hawaiian girl that Meredith gave me. I put the little cat inside to see how she looked and I love her there. So, now I am thinking that maybe I will keep this barn and use it to put my own little things in, changing them out from time to time. Maybe I will keep the cat after all. Or maybe I will wrap her up and give her to Gerry for Christmas, haha!
Shhhh, don't tell him :)
This has me thinking, maybe instead of finding things to put in these barns I should make some with empty spaces so people can put whatever they want to in them. I had lunch with my good friend, mentor, teacher Deborah Harris yesterday and being the always amazing teacher she brought some show and tell pieces for me. She took a workshop with Lana Wilson at Penland some time ago and they made boxes with drawers and doors. Deb thought that I might be interested in this technique so she brought two pieces she made in the workshop to show me and brought me some high fire pins that I can use for door hinges.  So I think I will make some barns with doors and drawers and people can  add their own family heirlooms and treasures. I can't wait to try out some new ideas I have!!
Heading down to Seagrove tomorrow to the Whynot Pottery celebration, hope to see some of you there!!!! Have a wonderful weekend, the weather looks like its going to be a great one!


Dennis Allen said...

Have a great time. When faced with a bunch of micro brew what can you say except Whynot?

Anna M. Branner said...

Give Meredith a hug from me! (And tell her to give you one back!)

cookingwithgas said...

yes, we says whynot around here all the time- beer-whynot. Anna XXXOOOOOO

Tb- I like that thought- works well.

Michèle Hastings said...

that's such cute story about the cat!
wouldn't you know that tomorrow we are in Charlotte doing a show, other wise I would have been right their in line at the keg at Whynot... some day we will cross paths in Seagrove!

littlemancat said...

I like the idea of keeping the little house and cat and then putting different things in it as the mood, season, holiday or whatever suits you. Like the small alcoves in Japanese tea rooms and houses with scrolls, flower arrangements, calligraphy. Just a whimsical thought. The houses that you make have such meaning.


do that!!! I think that is a great idea!!!

Kings Creek Pottery said...

I love that idea of having a house to put/change out what goes in the alcove...and also like the idea of a drawer! Keep going, girl!!