Friday, October 5, 2012

Politically Charged

 The Cedar Creek Gallery fall festival kicked off tonight with the opening of Politically Charged. There were some really great pieces in the show, and I am honored to be among the artists invited. There are some very talented people in this show. My favorite red, white and blue was dominant so of course I was loving it.
Here are my three barns in the very great company of Jennifer Mecca's butter dishes.
 These cups were my favorite thing in the show. The one on the right says take the red pill and then on the other side it says drink the koolaid. Very well crafted mugs by Adam Posnak, loved them.
 These "sheeple" were really great by Jennifer Stas
 Gillian Parke
 Amy H., I shot this one for you, it was great

 Love this Obama bank
 Justin Rothshank
Erik Haagensen.... why does Mitt Romney even exist as a candidate?

I shot lots of other photos and those of you that don's see your work here, I apologize, somehow the setting on my camera got switched and everything was really yellow and ugly. This photo was kinda interesting, I thought it was going to be a really cool silhouette but I got this.
Thanks to by good pals Laura and Susan for going with me. We had a great dinner before we drove out to Creedmoor, we did some pottery shopping and looking and eating this chocolate thing that made our eyes roll back in our heads it was so amazing. A great evening as usual. I always know I will have fun when these two come along with me!!! Very blessed to have such great friends, xoxo you two!


Michèle Hastings said...

the Obama bank and it's title "change" is awesome!
totally agree with you on the Romney candidacy.

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Michele, yeah the bank was very cool. I would guess that most readers of my blog would agree with the Romney mug :)

Shannon said...

hey thanks for the virtual gallery visit. I feel informed and included.

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Shannon we missed you, wish you could have come along!!!!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

This post was a balm, Tracey.
Love your donkey barns!

Tracey Broome said...

Thanks Julie, the show is better in person, I had my camera settings all over the place!

Lori Buff said...

Great show, thanks for posting the pictures. I'd only gotten to see 1 or 2 or Eriks mugs so I really appreciate getting a broader look at the entire show.

Tracey Broome said...

Hi Lori: I would have posted more of Erik's mugs, but like I said a lot of the photos looked bad and I didn't want to present his nice cups in such bad pictures!

Susan Wells said...

Such a nice time to be out with you Tracey and see your donkeys happy in the show. They look great and I like what you did with the nice red square wrench!

Tracey Broome said...

Thanks Susan, if you had not come with me I would not have found THAT cake. So fun, we must go have more fun soon xo

Amy said...

wow, thanks for the post, especially the photo of that bowl. loved that wording- beautiful! wish creedmoor was closer!