Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Early Christmas

 I got an email from my friend and customer Susan Meyers last week about her upcoming shows. Unfortunately everyone is having shows the same time I am, and unless we are at the same ones, I am missing out on a lot of good stuff. However, Susan was smart enough to send a link to her Etsy store and I found these earrings too tempting to pass up. I had a similar pair a while back that I bought at Shakori and lost one of them, so these are an even better replacement. Since my good pal Meredith sent me the green sea glass earrings a few months ago, I have been paying more attention to earrings. I used to buy them all the time, I would get hooked on one pair for awhile and only wear them then move on to another pair. Now I have several new pair that I really like and can change around more often. By the way, Meredith, every time I wear those sea glass ones, I get a compliment on them!

Check out Susan's shop if you want some cool new jewelry for Christmas, she has lots of beautiful things and she is a wonderful craftsperson. These earrings are extremely well crafted. So early Merry Christmas to myself!! I have earned it :)
 In weaving news, I continue to find things to add to this scarf. I have these antique balls of yarn that I picked up over the summer, I suppose thinking of a yarn barn or something, ha!

 I am just cutting up bits and pieces of them and weaving them in randomly. I also still have a bit of moose hair that blogger friend Cindy Shake sent me and I have added little bits of it as well. The little bird bones in the jar were a gift from my friend Laura and I'm thinking that I might hang them from the fringe or something. DON"T WORRY, those of you that look out for me and my use of illegal items!! I am not going to sell this one, keeping it here! I have learned my lesson about adding animal parts to things. Who knew?

The hair is a very pretty little dash of white mixed in with the brown alpaca, and I love that it's moose hair combined with the alpaca. This is so much fun!!! Now I'm on the lookout for all sorts of things I can weave into fabric. Who says it has to just be yarn? Break some rules, color outside the lines. Life is short


Vicki said...

Ahhh, now you are weaving some magic. 'Breaking the rules', creates such beautiful results.
Your textile art is going to be truly original and lovely - as with everything you do :)

Tracey Broome said...

Vicki! Aren't you sweeeet!?! Thanks so much, long way to go, but it's sure fun learning something new!

Sleeping Village Pottery said...

HA!... hmmmm... moose hair? The only thing I know about moose I learned from watching Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons. I think the last time there was a moose here in the Ozarks, half the state of Missouri was covered in glaciers. By the way, for someone who's just learning how to weave, those look beautiful!

Tracey Broome said...

Thanks so much! I have seen Moose in the Tetons and only know enough to stay away from them! and these are definitely beginner projects, the camera is kind haha!

Dennis Allen said...

Glad you are having fun.

cookingwithgas said...

oh, TB you are going to rock this fiber what you are doing with the found objects.

Amy said...

huh, I wouldn't have known about the animal rules either. love that blue color. fun to read about your continued creativity. happy thanksgiving!

Susan Wells said...

MOOSE!? Are you effing kidding? That is so coool! Dooode. And btw, game birds fine like dove and turkey. Yay!

And that shuttle is so beautiful. Wow.

Tracey Broome said...

Hi Dennis, why do it if it isn't fun!
Thanks Meredith, I hope to one of these days, lots to learn and explore.
Amy, I wouldn't know anything if it wasn't for bloggers, haha! There are lots of rules about using bones and feathers, now I know!
Susan, yeah, MOOSE! it is so cool! I was so lucky that the loom and shuttle that I first learned with were for sale right after I took my class and they continue with me. The shuttle is really beautiful, the polished wood feels like silk... yum!

Lori Buff said...

Those are great earrings. Janet would Susan's jewelry, thanks for the tip.