Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas ups and downs, but mostly ups

Hey there everyone, Merry Christmas! I've been checking out everyone's Christmas morning blog posts, so I figured I better join in! It's been a typical emotional roller coaster Christmas for me, but things are fine now, it's just the getting there that does me in most years, ha! We had a wonderful Christmas morning together, great breakfast, beautiful weather, lots of fun gifts, but most of all, Wesley is home and Gerry has some time off work, so we are having some good family time. We have a lot of family visiting to do, sadly we will have to wait and see friends after the new year I'm afraid, we just can't fit everything in. These were my Christmas boots when I was a little girl. I remember wearing them to my grandmother's one Christmas and there was snow. Being a little gril from the beach, this was an amazing thing!
My friend Laura brought me The Snow Child a few weeks ago and I have been catching up on some reading. Blogger Cindy Shake up in Alaska would love this book. It takes place in Alaska and is a fantastical book about a little snow girl that comes to life. It has been a really fun read during the holidays. Going along with the pioneer feel of the book has been our little adventure this week with our well. 
The well pump broke a couple of days ago. Try to get someone to come fix your well pump on the Sunday before Christmas. Not going to happen. Sooo, we have been without water since Sunday. We have been feeling up gallon jugs and using water very sparingly. Really makes you appreciate having water and electricity when you don't have it. We're making the best of it, since we have always been campers and can live without a shower for a couple of days, it's not really that bad. Good thing none of us are really a priss. 
A blogger in California sent me this Santa card. So appropriate since we will be on the beach soon. I love the "sandman". The pie plates in the photo are from Gerry and Wesley and came from Jugtown Pottery. They are simple and plain and brown and I love them. They go well in a house that has no running water right now, haha!

I also got a cast iron tea pot and some loose leaf white tea. Also two cast iron tea bowls to go with it. I have seen these often in tea shops, but it's the sort of thing you never think about buying yourself. We have a new tea shop here and I have a feeling I will be their new frequent customer. What a beautiful thing it is, and it stays hot forever. It will be so nice to have in my cold studio this winter!
There was lots of gift giving this morning and the house is a wreck. Wesley and I gave Gerry a new guitar, since he has recently been teaching himself to play with one of the guitars Wes left here. Wesley got a new camera for school that shoots high def video and she is now joining the rest of the kids at school with an iphone. Poor thing, I think she was probably the only kid in the film program without a decent phone. Hers was a dinosaur.
So we have had a lovely morning, lots of new gifts to enjoy, and will be visiting mom at the beach and just chillin' for awhile.
This week I have been pulling out some old ceramics books and magazines, thinking about getting back on the wheel soon, and doing some ^6 glaze testing. I would like to make some nice bowls and maybe some vases for raku. However, I got a new bobbin winder and a great pattern book for weaving, so I may spend the coldest months in the house weaving and move outside when Spring looks like it's coming.

So that catches you guys up on what's going on around here since my minor little Captain Medic melt down (what an ironic name). All is well, we are happy, we are healthy, maybe a little smelly, haha! but having a great holiday, hope you are doing the same. Thoughts and prayers are with those who might not be having the best time right now, we are very blessed in this house today
peace and love
Merry Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

ps: Hollis, I enjoyed your post this morning, fun to see those houses again! You got one of the first I ever made :) funny how much they have already changed in just a couple of years......


Amy said...

Merry Christmas! I hear you- holidays are just an adventure. Hopefully, our paths will cross in 2013! All the best-

Tracey Broome said...

Amy that would be great, Merry Christmas to you!

smartcat said...

Good Yule. Glad things turned around for you!

Sandy miller said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! Mostly Up's are always good. Waiting for daughter #1 to land at the airport, so excited as she is an hour away!! Dinner is ready and waiting. Keep'n the family close this year :) Enjoy the remains of the day!

Amy said...

and p.s. I need to do some cone 6 glaze testing too in early 2013.


Merry xmas tracey!

Sandy miller said...

Um cordless drill Santa???

angela walford said...

as per usual i'm late for the action!! just sitting here munching on my lunch and beetroot juice is runny rapidly down my arm but I'm too glued to this thread to bother mopping up til just now :P
wow captain medic...the name held so much promise but just lead to a dead end! how appropriate for them...

anyhoo trace looks like a groovy time was had by all, I like the sound of sitting around playing the guitar in ya jammies just didn't happen here yesterday tho.. did a bit of travelin to some friends for lunch and dinner with the fam last night, with a minor fam melt down and i was reminded this morning that it's just not christmas without one... ahhh well so many expectations for the season... catch ya soon trace xx love ang

Hollis Engley said...

I love the houses, Trace. Merry Christmas again.

Lori Buff said...

So nice to have an up Christmas after all the drama that precedes it. I hope your water pump gets fixed very soon.

Michèle Hastings said...

This will probably become a Christmas to talk about many years later... "remember the year we had no water on Christmas? what year was the 2012, 2013?".
Wishing you a new well pump before the New Year!

smartcat said...

Hi Tracey, I hear you about the pump. I lived for twenty years pumping water into pressure tanks with a gas pump. Last fall when our pump went, and replacing it after a week of trying to fix it .....I was brought up short by how quickly we become dependent on conveniences.

Hope you get running water soon!

Happy Boxing Day! :-)

P.S. If you have to replace it, price out getting the old one fixed to keep on hand