Friday, March 15, 2013


 My blogger pal, friend, and good customer Maureen had a great suggestion on my last blog post. Why not coordinate weaving with my raku? Well, how brilliant is that!? She suggested placemats and raku napkin rings and this triggered all sorts of journeys in my mind. Then I picked up a Country Living magazine at the grocery yesterday, I love that magazine! and there were some blues and greens that I loved all through the pages.
 I dug out more magazines and started ripping out pages, and before I knew it, I was gluing pages of color into a journal that has yet to be used. It's the perfect color inspiration book and I spent the afternoon thinking about color, pottery, and fiber. Having a book full of images with beautiful color is so helpful and I get a little interior design fix, something I haven't had in way too long. Maybe this is what has been missing from my work....  It's all coming together.... slowly, but with more clarity.... if I can get these glaze tests from last month to behave, I might have something quite nice. I love the idea of combining weaving and clay and they are beginning to fit together. This morning I measured out more warp for my loom, this evening I am going to glaze some raku pieces, and tomorrow fire a test of some new raku glazes. I keep hearing your voices in my head, to not give up on these glazes and to keep trying....

We had a gigantic rotten tree and one smaller tree cut down this week. These guys were pros. Theo even came by this morning to ask if we were satisfied with everything. I used $$ that people gave me for my pottery to give to this man, who showed up on time, took down two trees in record time, cleaned up the mess, hauled it all off, and did all this with a smile and a professional manner. I love that I was given money for making something I loved, sold it to someone who loved it and then gave that money to this man, who is working hard, earning an honest living and doing his work with pride. Why can't the whole country just BE this way?!


Kevin Carter said...

"Why can't the whole country just BE this way?!"

Because of something you and I can't understand - that it's much, much, much easier to just take the money and give nothing in return. I guess that's how too many people feel today.
Was it ever any different?

Good to see you are going to get back on the horse!

Dennis Allen said...

I always love your pictures. Sounds like those neurons are firing.

Sandy miller said...

This is such a beautiful blog ....... I love the pictures and jumping off places!

as far as the country ...... what you and I and so many other do is called sustainable and keeps a community going and that is why I can sleep at night. We do it and we do it because we want to complete a circle. Getting time to circle the wagons........

Tracey Broome said...

Kevin, I HEAR YA! Greed is taking over, grrrr
Hey Dennis,thanks, yes,firing up those neurons,woo hoo
Sandy,thanks, luckily I live in a community where there are signs of intelligent life and many here support small business and sustainability, yes, time to circle the wagons!

Scott Garrett said...

Great posts Tracey, great to see this weaving cracking on at a pace! I love that house painting too!!! That is exactly my kind of painting. Was it there for a reason, or just fitting the colour theme and mood of the post?
Sorry, i've been a bit absent, struggling just to fit everything in. Always a struggle! ha.