Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Re Use

 My friend Laura had this great post on her blog for a no-sew apron (click here to see it). Yesterday I continued to rip up denim and after I cut the legs off of an old pair of Levi's, I remembered that post and so I made myself one. What a great idea! I have always liked the short aprons that servers in restaurants use and have often thought that would be a good studio apron. I like the pockets. This one is perfect, although I liked Laura's idea with the hip hop jeans better. This is a great apron for guys or girls and cheap and easy to make, just get out an old pair of jeans or hit the local thrift store and cut them up. I did have to extend the connection in the back since these were Gerry's skinny ass jeans.
 Yes, I am wearing Invader Zim pajamas and I like them ok?! Sometimes I wear them all day.....
I also thought, wouldn't this be a cute apron for the Hooter's girls? They could just wear their tiny
 t shirts, this apron and a thong, haha!!! I'll stick with the Zim pj's thanks :)
Brilliant apron Laura, thanks for sharing xo
 Wesley and I made the thrift store rounds yesterday and I picked up some beautiful cotton shirts for $2 a piece. That's cheaper than any yarn I could buy and such pretty colors. I am digging this rag thing right now. Plus it feels good to re use all the stuff that's out there, give it a beautiful new life.

This is a little pocket and fly from my favorite pair of pj's that finally bit the dust. Now they can be a memory for me. I'm saving features on garments like these thinking I might add them on to a finished woven piece somehow. I like the structure of the cuffs and pockets, the buttons and all the little tags and things. No idea how it will all fit in just yet, but I am gathering, the gathering is the best of the process for me. And the discovery. These things I am making just for me, not trying to please a customer right now. What a liberating feeling.

PS: Dennis at Whistle Creek blog posted yesterday about Joe Frank McKee losing his studio to fire, check out the post here if you would like to help. Thoughts and prayers are with this potter today...


Dennis Allen said...

Thanks Tracey

Tracey Broome said...

No problem, keep us posted

Michèle Hastings said...

I think it's great that your are weaving with recycled materials, especially clothes that used to be your favorites. My sister-in-law made quilts for her sons out of clothes they wore when they were little.

Laura Farrow said...

whoop! whoop! apron ON, yo. xo