Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rough week, better weekend.....

 It's been a rough week around here, guys! Gerry and Wesley were shooting the ACC Tournament in Greensboro last week, I had a nice quiet house for five days.... got a lot done. But then Ger came home and all hell broke loose!
Some AssWipe security cop for hire at the Greensboro Coliseum assaulted Gerry as he was shooting Miami cutting the net, and Wesley was with him. He was pushed off of his position, verbally assaulted, threatened with bodily harm "outside", and removed from the arena. I have known Gerry since I was 19 years old, and he  does not take crap off of anyone, but when he is working and representing the Associated Press, he restrains his temper and he presents himself in a professional manner, so he took this abuse from this mofo, and he has spent this past week traumatized by the whole thing. Like I said I have known him a LONG time and I have never seen him react to any of the bullshit he has to deal with to get a picture like this.
I am sick to death of these militant attitude security people and cops that think they can abuse people's civil rights and treat people with so little disregard. That fucker went off on my child's father in front of her, she was helpless to do anything, and so was Gerry, or risk arrest. What gives someone the right to treat others this way. Gerry has been a professional photojournalist for 30 years, he knows the law when it comes to journalists rights and he knows how to stay out of trouble, But this is beyond acceptable to me. I have had to deal with the aftermath of this event all week, and it has not been fun. I want to just shake this asshole!
 So..... anyway..... we needed a diversion. We went to the Nasher Museum in Durham today to see an amazing photography exhibit, Light Sensitive. Diane Arbus, Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Andy Warhol, and many many other wonderful pioneers of photography are on exhibit and if you live anywhere nearby, it is certainly worth a trip to see it!
 We had a nice lunch, saw some great art, including the Wangechi Mutu installation, crazy imaginative collage work, and came home without a thought of the creep that thinks he owns the world.

 And I had a package when I got home from blogger Susan, at Old Gray Mare. More about this later!

Tomorrow we are supposed to have more rain, more cold and Gerry has the Women's ACC at Duke, so I am staying in warm and snug and I am going to weave. I had a lot on my mind about this crow that has been coming to visit, possibly a new spirit guide/totem to think about and I woke up with all sorts of thoughts about my work, but for some reason I needed to purge this week's mess here at my therapy session blog-o-rama.  Maybe after tomorrow's quiet and rain and weaving I will have thought clarity and I can tell the world about it. I forget how many people are out there reading this, because I am basically just sitting here talking to myself and typing away when I post on my blog. It's just when I get the random raku questions in my email that I remember that people find this blog and read it, yikes!

To all the aggressive out of control rage-aholics out there, you should think about how you treat people, your actions affect not only the person you attack, but their friends and family as well sometimes! How would you like your loved one to be abused and assaulted by Mr. Macho?!  People have simply lost their moral compass, they forgot the golden rule, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you....  I even forget this sometimes, but I mostly try to live this way, like my mama taught me, like we learn in the South when we learn our manners and stuff :)
Peace ya'll


Dennis Allen said...

Been there, You give some guys an orange vest and a flashlight and the prestige just goes to their head.

cookingwithgas said...

I am so sorry to hear this, it sure does sucks. We all know that Gerry has been all over the world and back again. He is well respected in his field. I hope he moves past this as best he can. Here is hoping that tomorrow is a better day.
X o meredith

smartcat said...

Kind of makes you wonder what this guy is like off duty. Did Gerry get his name/ badge number? Surely this guy has bosses who should know of unacceptable behavior.

There always seems to be some a##hole around who has to ruin things for everyone....including his own security group! Would you hire these people?

A trip to a museum sounds like a perfect antidote to the mess.

Lori Buff said...

This sucks, even though he was a rent-a-cop his actions still give law enforcement officers a bad name.
I wonder how much he got his ass kicked when he was growing up so that this is the only behavior he knows. It's so sad and unnecessary.
I hope Gerry and Wesley get over it soon.

Ron Deaver said...

Just be sure to not transfer the actions of one to cause you to not appreciate the efforts of sincere public safety professionals. Sure the 'authority' goes to the head of some immature persons but remember all the BS that public safety people take from the general public. There are assholes everywhere. It is why I tend to stay home.

gz said...

Sorry to hear how Gerry and Wesley were treated-inexcusable behaviour.

That must have been some exhibition with all those great photographers' work...some special treat indeed.

Have you looked at Maori weaving from Aotearoa/New Zealand, made from New Zealand Flax (Phormium)?

oldgreymare said...

Oh Tracey that's awful..compounded by a father worried for his child and a child frightened for her father. Inexcusable behavior by the rent a cop and I agree it should be reported if at all possible. Hope they both heal from the experience soon, and you all can move on to wonderful days next week. I'm like Ron..I prefer home.

Sandy miller said...

After leaving law enforcement so many years ago I read this and had a couple flashbacks. And Tracey, it's been like this since I was it 40 years ago. That line of work is like moths to a flame for some pretty unbalanced people, men and women. Rent a cops especially, as they can't get on the regular "force" and are therefore frustrated. It's the, Look What I can Do" attitude. I find it pretty scary and pitiful, you had no self esteem and now you have landed in position of minuscule authority with a flashlight and security badge. Oh wait you have oposible thumbs, which allows you to walk erect but you are still a knuckle dragger..... Unfortunately unless there is video or a photo or tape these incidents just go on....... It's why I left and now work in a studio with chickens. The chickens are far superior......

Michèle Hastings said...

Sandy basically said what I was going to say about "rent a cops". Sadly I knew one once and years later I heard he was finally hired by a small town police force... scary.
The photography exhibit sounds wonderful, I wish I could take a day off to go!

Wishing you and yours a better week ahead.

Amy said...

gosh, so sorry to hear. the world can be so cruel... Hope the next days are full of surprising goodness coming your way- and Gerry and Wesley's too.

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope this is a much better week for all of you. I often want to get in people's faces & say, "Who raised you?!?". Enjoyed catching up here, hooray for the pinks in your beautiful weavings. I am not a pink girl either, but do enjoy pink & orange in cloth I'm not wearing (made myself a quilt of it for 40th bday). and love that turquoise piece WITH the black. You are a creating machine!

Tracey Broome said...

Hi everyone, thanks so much for all of your comments, will keep you posted on what happens to this jerk!