Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spice in my life

 Cloves, fennel seed, tumeric, cardamon seeds and ground cumin in wood fired bowls. The beginnings of a great lunch today.
 I bought this cookbook at the local thrift store the other day when I got the pink fabric. I have never cooked Indian food because I live with a preacher's kid who was raised on meat and potatoes. It took me forever to get him to try Chinese and Mexican cuisine! After he started traveling all over the world, he got a little more brave, but he still turns his nose up to mushy stuff and white creamy things. Until recently that included Indian food. But he has come around, so I thought I would give it a try. We mostly eat Asian, Mediterranean, and Mexican influenced meals, all vegetarian, some pasta, but mostly vegetables cooked in a thousand different ways. But I love Indian food, so I am happy to have some new recipes to try. I went to Whole Foods yesterday and stocked up on spices; cardamon, fennel, cloves, fenugreek, cumin seeds, cinnamon, tumeric.So beautiful.....
 Wesley, this photo is for you.
My child loves food more than anyone I know. She photographs most of the meals we eat, so I shot this one for her :)
Joseph Sand bowl in the foreground, Barbara McKenzie bowl on the right that I bought at Cedar Creek gallery, and on the left a shino reject someone threw out at Claymakers years ago. We had a donation jar on a shelf with rejects and you could put in a dollar and take a piece. I took this one and I use it all the time.
 Cauliflower, red bell pepper, purple and yukon potatoes cooked in tumeric, cumin seed, cinnamon, ginger and cilantro and cumin/cinnamon basmati rice with raisins, Naan and papaya drizzled with honey and blueberries and Tea Masala.
Not bad for my first try. I felt like I had walked into my favorite Indian restaurant!
Yesterday was a sort of productive day in the studio, it was a beautiful day, nice to have the door and windows open. I started a few pieces that I want to raku fire, forgot to take photos, will do that today for you. 
Here is the one piece I like from firing on Saturday. This is Rick's Turquoise, the black won't come off, but I really like this one. Rick's turquoise is a crazy glaze, but if you put in the time with it, you can get some great results. I want to play with this glaze more and see what I can get. You can google the recipe, it's out there, that's how I got it, but don't email me if you want this same look, you just have to experiment. different kilns and atmospheres and pulling time and reduction time will give you a hundred different looks, if you want this, you probably won't get it, this was an accident.....

It's been slow going today,Gerry made me some oatmeal for breakfast, then I spent the morning cooking, eating and drinking tea. Time to get out and get some work finished up!
See ya



Dennis Allen said...

Who in the world would want the black to come off that bowl? It's perfect already.

Laura Farrow said...

could you explain, exactly, how you got that glaze to look like that? and don't leave anything out... ;-)
great Indian recipes (with how-to videos) on

cookingwithgas said...

oh the food looks fabulous. I love anything curry.
The weather is wonderful.
That glaze is yummy!
Yes, he is a cowboy at heart... or it is his American Indian coming out. Somehow they are all related.

From the good witch.

Tracey Broome said...

Well, Dennis, someone out there is going to suggest that I could scrub off the black, haha!
Laura, just come over and I'll give you a good raku demo, :) I know you are laughing at my beginner Indian coking, since you probably have it mastered by now. We should get together sometime and have a curry cooking day!
Meredith, it's all good, isn't it?!

Sandy miller said...

Rick Berman!! Love that guy! Used his glaze years ago, think I still have a bucket out there in the studio. Sometimes it goes pink and black and turq. Such a fun glaze!

Discovered Penzey's spices a couple years ago..... Grew up with two flavors, brown and bland. Lucky if someone threw a pack of Lipton onion soup in a meatloaf. Then I discovered herbs ....... Then spices! Whoa! Life is good!
Beauteous pictures :)

oldgreymare said...

Love to hear the joy return to your voice when speaking of pottery..with results like that gorgeous bowl why vary your "working recipes? "<3

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Sandy, yes, this glaze is fun, I have a bowl from years ago that went lime green, pink, turquoise, and black, it's just fickle. Yes to spice!
Hey Susan, I have a love hate relationship with clay, it comes and goes with me. But when I raku, it's mostly love :)

Lori Buff said...

I can smell those spices from here and it's heaven.
I've seen rick's go from that beautiful turquoise to yellow and rust, it's so much fun.

Unknown said...

Love that turquoise... and all that home-cookin'

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Lori, yellow? Hat would be so cool, yes my house smelled so great yesterday"
Thanks, unknown? Haha:)

Susan Wells said...

Beautiful food! I think its the Taurus in Wes that loves the food. I love to eat with a taurus, food loving on another level. And pots! And day. Yay for vegetables cooked so fine.

ShellHawk said...

That glaze is perfectly yummy!I'll have to find the recipe for it and pray to the kiln gods it looks as good as yours! :)