Monday, April 29, 2013

Do You Hulu?

Forget Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogger.
I have found a time suck to end all time sucks.
We downloaded Hulu through our XBOX, the thing where I usually sit for hours in a mind numbing game of Skyrim? Now it's mind numbing time watching documentaries....

OMG! Who knew? Welcome to the 21st century.
We have been so frustrated with cable programming to the point where we hardly turn on the TV anymore. When we do all there is to watch are ads selling you drugs, talk about drug pushers, the network TV companies are the biggest pushers ever. Local news is the very worst of all, it's like watching a police blotter every night catching you up on the shootings, robberies, stabbings, and the latest NC politician to get caught and arrested. There are maybe three or four shows a week that we like, however, for the most part it is a total waste of time to sit in front of a TV that has Time Warner cable programing. Finally we sat down and downloaded Hulu. WOW! It is so fun! There are so many great things out there being produced that I had no clue about, wonderful documentaries, wonderful programming, even the commercials aren't too bad. I learned a lot today, and didn't feel too guilty about spending an entire rainy Sunday in my big old wicker rocker, wrapped in a down comforter, drinking tea and educating myself with the TV, of all things! It's a new world out there :-) I am so hopeful for my soon to be graduating film student daughter, the doors are wide open for opportunities with sources like this!

One example: This documentary came out in 2008, and I am just finding out about it, and I live in a very progressive town. It's fantastic, it really opened my eyes, it made me cry for our children who don't even know how real food grows. Why have I not heard about this film? It's important! It's great!

And this one. God BLESS our farmers, and thank you for the food you give us. Not the big agri-business but the true hard working local farmers.
I want a FARM!!!!!!!!!

Did you know that Martha Stewart has her own network? I know I know..... but listen, I used to be a Martha junkie, if she said it, I was all about it, I was young and trying to learn how to keep a house, she knows how to teach you these things.  I did watch a very cool episode today on her chickens and her coop, that I'm sure she must have had someone build for about $100,000, but still I got some great tips for the day when I can have chickens. 

Learned a lot today! Have a great week, I will, moving my girl child home, whoop whoop!!!

Peace ya'll


beaquilter said...

WE don't have cable/satellite so we just stream netflix on the TV or Xbox for the kids, I just watched hulu over the weekend

oldgreymare said...

great hulu docs for sure but also...hehe.. reruns of Rhoda and MTM and Bob Newhart..takes me back and I can almost remember the feeling of my 20's....sigh

Sandy miller said...

Just discovered documentaries on Netflix! Watched hours while I sat on my butt weaving in March...... Thought I had discovered the moon or something! Swear it's like I live under a rock sometimes.

Have a blast moving your young'un home for the summer :)

Oh did you know Martha sells designer chickens.... Really! Bet the eggs come out monogramed :)

Tracey Broome said...

There are also reruns of Lou Grant! My favorite!
Oooohhhh, designer chickens from Martha, must have!

Susan Wells said...

Martha Stewart is the go to for recipes, crafts and what not! Coconut Cake for instance! Hooray for TV! and the intranet.

Christine Covert said...

We eschew TV but bought a Roku box which has tons of free channels as well as "pay for" options. So far we've only paid for Breaking Bad episodes and watched Crackle movies. Thanks for the Hulu recommendation.

Tracey Broome said...

Omg! Coconut cake! My grandmother made the BEST every Christmas
Hey Christine, never heard of roku, I really have to get out more! And I need to watch Breaking Bad, still haven't seen an episode!