Thursday, April 11, 2013

Smart Meter Hell Week

Pears from a pretty successful raku
Hi bloggers: Do you know why I love all of you? You are kind and supportive and intelligent! You care about your families, you care about art, you care about others, you care about your environment, you are open minded and share common goals, like good food, clean air and water, safe and healthy families, gentle living. You fight for what is right.
I found out this week, naively, I might add, that not everyone is like you. I have been so used to coming here to my blog with questions, concerns, victories, failures, pride in my family, joys and sorrows. And you always lift me up, support me, and even if we do not share the same opinion, you express yours with consideration for my feelings. Most of you I have never met, but trust your opinions, even if they are not the same as mine I value them and find you to be good friends, if we only know each other through this blog.
Last week I started posting on the chatham chatlist, I mentioned in a previous post. For the past few days, I have received hateful emails and today there were several posts on the chatlist condemning me and basically trying to make me look like a fool. I'll just give you a little taste of what I woke up to this morning:
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Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2013 09:54:40 -0400
From: Cryptik <>
Subject: Re: Smart meter comment offensive

It is clear from your message that you are one of those people who gets offended at the drop of a hat. It seems that your offense stems from the fact that you are one of the "toxic crusaders" that thinks everything in the world is terrible if humans touch it. Do I need to be the one to tell you that all computers pump out radio waves across a broad frequency spectrum, plus they do so in close proximity to your body? GET OFF THE COMPUTER, IT'LL SLOWLY MURDER YOU WITH SCIENCE!

The Chatlist is not a place for you to exercise histrionic behavior. I, for one, don't care whatsoever that you're "offended" by something you read in a mailing list, particularly something that wasn't really terribly outrageous. (It's not like someone said you should spray your neighbor's lawn with herbicide to get revenge on them, ya know?) If you are that easily offended, check the bottom of the Chatlist for the "unsubscribe" feature. While you're at it, get off the Internet and stop watching the news.

This goes on for quite awhile, it gets worse. There were several others. Boy, what a nice way to start my day! But then the emails started pouring in, mostly from women saying they are having the same symptoms as me. Yesterday one woman emailed me to say that she slept outside the night before to see if she could get some relief. 
This was also a nice one I thought I would share:

It takes guts to post on the chat list these days. Lots of decent folks don't even read it any more because of the abusive language. Imagine the good that these naysayers could do in the world if they put their energy into something positive! The bulletin boards are even worse. Like a dark ally I don't dare go down. Depressing!
I want to thank you for raising my awareness of an issue I knew nothing about. I haven't yet read up on the subject but I certainly will (and of course will draw my own conclusion). I have a meter just through the wall behind my bed (about where my pillow is) and am actually experiencing quite a few of the symptoms you mentioned. So you got my attention.
The negative response you got is perhaps from folks who feel overwhelmed by all the threats in our everyday lives. Our food, air, water, vaccines, etc. etc. It is easier to dismiss it than to live in fear/stress. The attacks you have received probably aren't personal.

Your e-mails are well written. Your main point is very valid. You just want to be able to choose whether or not a box is attached to your house. This is reasonable! Period.
I am inspired by your courage and determination.

Rick's Turquoise

So, anyway, the drama continues, my "histrionics" I mean! I started keeping a journal last week of my symptoms. I wasn't paying much attention to it, but yesterday I looked back and I had posted every night at 10:30 that I was having  heart palpitation, a headache, or arm tingling and one night I had a stabbing pain in the outer ligament part of my ear. Wesley had complained of this same pain a year ago and we took her to the doctor. They gave her a nose spray for it and it made her sick. So much for doctors figuring out these symptoms. She was misdiagnosed three years ago with Mono, and continued with a chronic fatigue until she moved to school. Her symptoms are gone, so I am still wondering what is going on in this house. Gerry has a ringing in his ears, we both wake up every night at 3am and I have all of this other stuff. All of these are common symptoms of RF wave exposure, from what I have read, again, I am not an expert, only trying to investigate what is going on.
The thing is, I am getting more and more emails from women saying they have the exact same symptoms. What do we all have in common? A smart meter....... 

I found a couple of really good websites 

Lots worth reading. I'm still not saying I know for a fact there is any connection and I do not claim to be an expert, let me say that again! but all that I have read has convinced me that there is a possibility these are not safe and I would rather not take a chance, there is not enough evidence to prove them safe or not safe. Everyone has to decide for their self, but why I have been attacked for my opinion is beyond me!

Small sweet hearts
I regret I ever posted on the chatlist. It has made me sad all week to get the constant barrage of negative energy, like I need more of that. Not one person expressed any sympathy or concern for me. I did get some great emails from women and a couple of guys that I think were trying to be helpful by giving me information that rf waves are not harmful, however I'm still not convinced..... and I will never, for the life of me, understand mean people.......
peace ya'll


June Perry said...

That's the problem with sites like that Tracey. There are a lot of angry people out there just looking for some message or person to attack. They're trolls and stalkers. They thrive on it. It gives them an false sense of power and superiority.
Remember the mantra "what you think of me is none of my business". It helps one maintain their sanity and peace in the presence of the dense behavior of one's fellow humans. :-)
The rest of us love your passion and your openness. Hope you never change!

Dennis Allen said...

Well, you might be toxic but at least you are a crusader.Basically these people are saying- "You are entitled to any opinion you like as long as it doesn't conflict with mine( The one and only truth)" Excuse me while I check my constitution not to mention my Emily Post.Finally, I wouldn't worry too much about the opinion of someone named "Cryptic" What were his parents thinking!

oldgreymare said...

Don't know if you noticed, but I turned off comments for my last post..Each time I discuss paring down, getting to the core of your life, to stop using "things" as a numbing agent for your life, I get a barrage of nasty anonymous comments from folks who are offended by the suggestion, miss the point, say I threaten their livelihood, or ridicule them, and they obviously really did not read the text.. sigh...some are downright ugly.

Angry people are looking for something/anything to rail against the world with..unfortunately they think you are wearing a bullseye. They are not reading or comprehending what you say or write which is simply trying to obtain facts, decipher the cause of symptoms and find a valid solution. You get to choose what you eat, what size car you can drive safely, what medicine you should take and even whether to walk in the road or on the sidewalk..You have choices.
If I understand you correctly that is all you are asking for..a choice, based on the best information available to you..

It makes you feel bad I know, but try to understand how fearful and small a life those hateful people are living. Otherwise they could not do what they do...

HeidiMCF said...

Tracey I just found your blog, but am interested in your health issues. When did this all start? I have ringing in my left ear a lot. I hope you can find some relief.

My brother is on a weather chat and people are SO rude. It's really sad.
As my father always told me: "Don't let the bastards get you down." :)

beaquilter said...

Ohhh I read the RANTS on the chatlist this morning and felt really bad for you, I don't like the "chatlist".... I am sending you a BIG blogger/online/chatham county HUG!- hope to meet you one day soon BTW

cookingwithgas said...

The pots look great. I hope they are giving you some pleasure right now.
Take a few minutes to step back and breathe.
Best of luck with this.

ShellHawk said...

You might think of writing a note to the moderator who should be on top of haters and delete their nonsense in order to keep the peace on the site. It's their job, why aren't they doing it?

Oh, and? I REALLY need that turquoise glaze recipe! (Let's get to the important stuff, right, rather than the haters? LOL)

Hang in there, and do your due diligence in researching your issues. Just because someone has a website, doesn't mean they have the science to back up their claims. Although, just common sense would lead us to believe that these meters might not be a great idea, not to mention not having a choice about them...

littlemancat said...

So sorry to hear of the nasty responses you received. Our local newspaper has a feature called "Sound Off" and you wouldn't believe- oh, I guess you would now, all the horrid things people come up with. I don't read it anymore - it's just too negative and hateful.
Avoid that stuff!
Your pots are so beautiful - just wonderful!
Take care,

Tracey Broome said...

AMEN! I hear ya! Thanks everyone, I needed some kind people today:)
BTW: shell hawk- the moderator was part of it, unreal! He called someone defending me the chatlist police....

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Hey Tracey
Those pears are gorgeous!
I haven't heard of chattlist; but I am appalled at how angry and coarse some people are on their public comments.
Tree huggers unite!

M E Garde said...

Love love love the raku. So beautiful. All positive energy I can muster is coming your way. Hope it helps.


love the raku!
the rest... meh....

Tracey Broome said...

Thanks you guys, the pears are pretty great, lots of experimenting with time and temp...
Maureen,as I remember you have good vibes when it comes to raku, so I will take that energy!
Btw, the chatlist is a local community list where people are supposed to be able to go for helpful information and not come away with battle scars!

Amy said...

when people make comments like that (and I didn't even read all of that rude posting, I remind myself-- that the comments say much more about the writer. the challenge then, is to not take to heart what has been read. gosh; we all get our opinions and it's all too easy to discount someone else's before actually respecting it and then even considering being open to it!
gosh, I'm amazed at those great lines you get on the outside of those hearts. don't have the patience for all that. wow!

Tracey Broome said...

Wise words Amy, I'll have to remember that when and if I reply:)
The fire made those lines, I had nothing to do with it!

Susan Wells said... Hey Tracey, I read an article about this in one of last year's Utne Readers. Cool. Cures.

Melissa Rohrer said...

What a thoughtful letter that woman wrote to you.
Unfortunately, being anonymous seems to allow some people to spew junk. You have to wonder if they would come close to saying those things face to face.

Rake is looking wonderful!

cindy shake said...

Wow. "histronics?" chatlist? sounds like some pretty miserable folks with waaay too much time on their hands behind a computer without fresh air... that's not you girlfriend. yeah, I'm with June -those types feed on that bullish*t. I guarantee you that those people would NEVER have the guts to say those words to anyone IN PERSON to anyone... you don't need a chatlist for validation -just sayin'

BTW your RAKU lately is sure loaded with YIN and ZEN!

cindy shake said...

Wow. "histronics?" chatlist? sounds like some pretty miserable folks with waaay too much time on their hands behind a computer without fresh air... that's not you girlfriend. yeah, I'm with June -those types feed on that bullish*t. I guarantee you that those people would NEVER have the guts to say those words to anyone IN PERSON to anyone... you don't need a chatlist for validation -just sayin'

BTW your RAKU lately is sure loaded with YIN and ZEN!

Vicki said...

You're doing the right thing Tracey, you follow your heart on what's right and what's wrong. Then you research at length to become more informed. You don't just accept what is being foisted upon everyone.
You question. That's a good thing.
Never stop questioning. It's healthy.
But, getting the "right" answers can be so frustrating.

Thank goodness for clay - disappear from the world's craziness and get absorbed into the clay.
Look at your results!
Your art pieces are as always, so very lovely. Those raku glazes, wow :)

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Susan I read that article too, makes so much sense! I've been bare footing in the yard!
Melissa, Cindy and Vicki thanks for the words of support, I was feeling really beat up yesterday, it's always nice to come here and get words of wisdom and support from great artists!,
THANKS everyone

smartcat said...

Well, now I know more sites I never want to visit!

Your raku is luscious. I want to hold the pears....and the hearts. You've made an old idea new.

Keep up the good fight.

angela walford said...

trace what the!! send those neg coms right back where they came be getting a few days away and see how you feel....head to the beach mate! xx

Rebecca said...

People put others down because it makes them feel important. They want others to see their way of thinking, so they bully them into it. They are not looking for a healthy debate at all, by the sounds of it. I wonder if there is any kind of property law that could be used to defend your right to choose - the device was placed on your property without your permission, after all.

Your pottery is lovely. I found your blog a few years ago and enjoy reading it. I like that you are not afraid to voice your opinion, despite the potential for negative feedback. You care. There is nothing wrong with that, there are not enough people who care enough to question the decisions that are made for us, out of our control.

Be well,