Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bonafide and all is well

 I sold my first piece of pottery about nine years ago right around this same time of year. We had a sale at the Artscenter where I was teaching kid's classes and I sold a vase to a girl for a Mother's Day gift.
It was $40. I came home floating on a cloud. I went in to Wesley's room, she was all tucked in bed, and I told her I sold my first piece of pottery. She said, "now you are bonafide". If you have seen the movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou, you will understand where this phrase came from, we used to say it all the time about everything.

Today, I sold my first weaving, and then I sold another one. Guess that makes my weaving bonafide too! Hope so, it sure felt good to sell it. I loved the way the two women that bought the runners looked at them, held them, talked about where they were going to put them..... oh yeah..... why we do this!
I sold a few pendants, of course, and a couple of small dishes. It was a slower festival than last time I did it. The weather wasn't the greatest although the sun did choose to show up for a couple of hours. But then it got really cold, started to sprinkle and then it was time to go home. It was a great day though. Affirming in so many ways. I talked to some of the nicest people, everyone was happy, enjoying the day, the music, the wine from a local vineyard, the good food the farmers brought, and the ice cream. They even stopped at the craft booths..... this is where I want to be right now. Outside at festivals, having fun. It's so funny, I was saying exactly the opposite two years ago, but the indoor shows are worse than battling the weather, so me and the weather have come to terms and I am just going to deal with it. At least the light will be from sunshine and not bad indoor convention lights.
 This is my spot for the summer, up on the porch, next to the gallery, I don't even need a tent, yay!
There are even flowers :)
 This was my supper, and probably will be for every Saturday until August. Shitake mushroom and spinach quiche, it was beyond amazing!

 I loved this booth, the displays were so inviting and so were the pastries

Nice Fracking booth, whoop!

and then the big parade with Paperhand Puppets. All is well, I have a few dollars in my pocket and a smile on my face, and when I got home my child had moved back in, her shite everywhere,
life is good!


Vicki said...

Oh yeah Tracey! Happy days :)

Dennis Allen said...

So glad to hear it went well.I had a great show too. Details later.

Nancy Blokland said...

Looks great! Wishing you were a little closer so I could see your things and that great venue!!! We had a good sale yesterday with my Etsy gang, but not quite that glorious. I was able to feel BONAFIDE too, and it makes me able to unload another kiln load today!

Michèle Hastings said...

Get busy making more runners! I be they make for a nice display with your pottery.
I think I was more excited when I sold my first pot than when I had my first sale as a Realtor!

Laura Farrow said...

you are Bonafide at Kicking Ass, Tracey Broome. that's all I have to say. xo

smartcat said...

Bonafide indeed! Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?came immediately to mind! So pleased that you had a great show. You have such a nice location; no tent to haul around is a bonus. Toes crossed for continued good sales!

Scott Garrett said...

Life definitely looks good Tracey. Good to see things going well and nicely balanced. I think "shite" is a word we need to use more! it made me laugh... we're so used to all the "shit" these days... i like the extra effort of an "e"!!

Susan Wells said...

Oh this looks so great. I'm sorry I missed it. Been in bed with migraine, girly stuff. Such a challenge to refrain from using the word curse. But strawberries and pies and sales and puppets what a delight!!!