Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Day with the Monks

Wesley and I started our day hearing morning prayers with the monks. not a bad way to start your day. The monk's chants are bone chilling and spiritually moving. If you can, you really should experience the sound of chanting Tibetan Monks in person once in your lifetime.

 After prayers, they started the painstaking process of drawing out the geometry of the Mandala and then adding the sand, for what seemed like one grain at a time.

Wesley received the blessings of the monk and the director of the tour and she humbly thanked them for the opportunity to be there. I was a very proud mom. My daughter handled herself with such professionalism and humility and she is an absolute pro, just like her daddy taught her!

Monks in the 21st century, taking credit cards and everything. The handicrafts they sell will support the monastery. Wesley and I both bought some prayer beads and they were blessed by the monks. I will always treasure this day, you don't get many chances like this.

I saw the monk on the computer invite Wesley to come out on the back patio and have lunch with them. I waited to see how my shy, quiet girl would handle this, and she actually jumped at the chance. After about thirty minutes I went looking for her and she was still outside engaged in conversation with monks from Tibet eating rice and curry! What?! There was a time when she would not even eat at the table with people she didn't know, much less talk to them.
She has come a long way, my baby's all grown up.... sigh.

I shot this at the end of a long and exciting day. Really says it all, doesn't it? Love this photo.......

Seriously, if you can get to the morning prayers at the gallery, or come by to visit with the monks, you won't regret it. There will be a deconstruction ceremony on Sunday, the monks will sweep the sand up in small bags and carry it across the street to the Haw River and the mandala will be no more.

Such kind and gentle souls, I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity.


Dennis Allen said...

There's no feeling like being proud of your kids.

oldgreymare said...

How fortunate to witness the intricacies of enlightened wonderful to experience it with your child...

cookingwithgas said...

You and Wesley are blessed in knowing when opportunity is knocking at your door.
And, at opening the door.
Yes, she is growing up.
And, she will do great things.
What a wonderful day that you shared.

Tracey Broome said...

I am most blessed that I have a kid that likes to be with me, such a nice feeling!

Vicki said...

What a heartwarming post.
You have every right to be a proud mother. What a gorgeous girl - humility, grace, serene confidence and quiet beauty.

Of all people, these gentle souls recognise another gentle soul such as she.

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

What an awesome day! And beautiful photos that really "describe" the wonder of it all. Thanks for sharing Tracey. Am so happy for you and Wesley!

Amy said...

wow, the pictures and words are a wonderful glimpse. seems like words can't capture it all. lucky you and Wesley to have that experience! Will try and stop by Saturday if there's time... saw those prayer flags and was really wanting some.