Monday, June 24, 2013

Always late to the party

I have never been the most trend following person. I'm either way ahead of the curve and liking something before it's time to like it, or I find out about it years later and think it's the latest greatest thing. I am, for the most part, always late to the party. But that's ok, that's how I roll. I'll get to this in a minute.

I wanted to show you my broken heart. It's a casualty of last weeks market/monk event. As my friend Jane so kindly put it, a dude that "was not operating at full capacity" was very excited to show me a new banjo he is building from some really nice wood he was gifted, and he swept said banjo neck/wood carving across my table and knocked off one of these heart dishes that I sell like candy at the market. He just said, 'Oh man", scratched his dirty head and walked off. Poor thing......

I went into the market this year having already prepped my head for weather and nuts. I have had both and I am bearing up quite well, surprisingly enough. I think you just have to get the right mental space to do this shit!

Now back to the party..... I know this book has been around a long time, I have read many blog posts praising it's recipes, and always thought, huh, I gotta get me that book. Never did.
Our new Chapel Hill library recently reopened after a major renovation and Wes and I went for a visit. I picked up this book and cannot put it down. LOVE it as I know many of you do. We are eating bread like there won't be any soon. Sooooo super easy and delicious! I roasted some yellow peppers from the farmers market, added some garlic, cumin, salt and olive oil, yummy  yummy dipping oil!

By the way, Chapel Hill library..... BORING! It is about the most institutional space I have ever been in. So sterile. Where is the art? Where is the cozy? With as many artists as there are in this town you would think there would be at least one commission or something. It's a pretty sad space, I tell you that!

Brunch for us today, quiche and artisan bread, yum!

I am also late to the party in thanking Elisabeth Bunsen for the most wonderful little surprise package when we got home from vacation. A little comfort pillow that smells a bit like heaven, some stripey rocks, and some beautiful rusty papers and fabric. Such a sweet thing to have around, thanks EB! If you want some of her art, she is selling it on her blog and there are many things on my list of wants.
Go see!


Dennis Allen said...

That's not the worst broken heart you have had doing shows.As always, the best advice on broken hearts is to move on but didn't you want to grab that banjo neck and smack him with it?

elizabeth bunsen said...

you might
mend this broken heart
with "gold"
(wabi sabi style)
or bind it up
with new dreams,
new wishes...


Tracey Broome said...

Hey Dennis, lucky me, it's the only broken heart I have ever had!
EB, I have had the gold suggestion from my pal Laura when houses have cracked. I think it might be time to explore that process, it could be a very nice way to "mend a broken heart"..... It might encourage me to break more hearts :-)

Tracey Broome said...

EB, I couldn't thnki of the name for the gold mending... Had to go look it up, Kintsugi, I'm going to give it a try!

Lori Buff said...

Ugg, I hate it when customers (or visitors) break a pot. So awkward and unhappy. Of course he may not even remember the incident today.

Michèle Hastings said...

The broken heart looks beautiful as photographed... but of course that won't bring in the dollars.
Bread. I am in love with bread and go through phases of baking it continuously. Unfortunately we EAT the whole loaf... so I am trying to curtail my obsession.
...and don't get me started on cheese, which goes wonderfully with bread.

handstories said...

your heart may be broken, but it was also very gracious to the dude. I've seen/heard about that book forever, too, but haven't picked it up...I will now go order it up from the library. Also, usually late to the party, too...actually, I usually lose the invitation or forget to go.

Metalphor'em said...

That your first "broken heart"? Remember your first? Look at all the milage you're getting from this. Banjo Boy should send you a bill! Or become your literary agent. Broken hearts are the measure of a risk taken. This one seems well worth it.

June Perry said...

Don Zver, a Canadian potter used to do wonderful 2 piece broken heart boxes - may still.