Sunday, June 30, 2013

Le Tour

It's definitely summer. The tour is on the TV and we are spending the weekend indoors, tucked away from the heat, humidity and rain, dreaming of being in France with the riders. What a day the first day of racing was! Our summer tradition on the first weekend of the race is breakfast burritos, fresh juice and a toast to the tour. I've been chicken sitting for my neighbor and bringing fresh eggs home everyday so the burritos are even better than usual. We will have champagne and orange juice when they ride into Paris!
One day we hope to go over for the tour, rent a camping van and travel along for the race. What fun that must be.
Hope all you race fans enjoy the next few weeks of racing, it's off to a crazy start so far!


cookingwithgas said...

I have never really watched but if there is food and champagne, I might could learn how.

Hannah said...

Holey heck that was quite a start wasn't it!

Shannon said...

it is indeed a day to be thinking of the gray and misty fields of France. Rain rain and rain.

Lori Buff said...

"Gentlemen, start your bicycles!!!"

Vicki said...

Haha! It's the same over here in our house!
Bleary morning eyes after late nights.
Hubby is an ardent cyclist and race fan.

Aussie Green Edge is certainly in the public attention, what with the "bus incident" and now Gerrans winning stage 3. Yay!

We often talk about going over and hiring a camper and catching the race in various spots.
How awesome that would be!

Would also love to see "Didi" the Red Devil in action too - he's a hoot!

Susan Wells said...

Hey Friend! I'm taking a moment to catch up on some blog reading. I love your colorful weaving!! And hearing about your adventures at the Sexypahaw mkt. When I think of the tourdefrance, I mostly have skinned knees and elbows on my mind.