Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Thanks for all the comments about my broken heart on my last post. Luckily my own heart has never been broken, maybe bruised a time or two, but when you stay with the same man for 30+ years, chances of a broken heart are slim, mostly.

Thanks EB for the suggestion of mending with gold. My pal Laura has been suggesting I use the technique of Kintsugi for my broken barns for years, but they never seemed broken in a way that this would enhance anything. this heart was broken that way, so I used it as a test tile to see how it would look. I didn't use the resin and gold powder that traditional kintsugi calls for, but I did use a good glue and liquid gold from the craft store. I sort of like the way this looks, maybe I'll break a few more things and add some gold to the cracks.....

I met my friend and good customer Maureen for coffee yesterday and she brought me a flower that she made. I love this sweet little flower. It might be the answer to my raku flower vases not holding water. I could sell these paper flowers with them instead.
Bottle from my good friend Meredith. Where would we be without our friends!

Pretty isn't it?

Also mended yesterday was my grandmother's swing thanks to sculptor and metal artist John Amero. Thanks John, my swing is now back where it belongs! My grandmother held me in this swing when I was a baby. I have no idea how old it is, but it is older than me, I do know that. This is my treasure and I will be very sad when it finally is worn beyond using. The broken parts are now safely welded back together and this is where I will be most summer evenings.


oldgreymare said...

I know nothing about pottery but is it possible to drill through these broken pieces that occur?
I always relish finding an old basket or rug or quilt that has ben mended and I have 2 treasured wooden bowls that have been mended with metal plates and one was "laced" closed again with some kind of waxed linen maybe? I was just wondering if you could do this with any broken pottery pieces? I tell ya I make a bee line for these pieces when I see them and I'm just about to mend the sisal on the porch that way. Wonder what my attraction for "mending" means?

Michèle Hastings said...

The heart looks great!
and your grandmother's swing is wonderful, I remember that my Memere had a similar one when i was little... too bad that it's not around anymore. I bet if yours is taken care of your will be able to hand it down to Wesley.

Laura Farrow said...

yay! here's to secretly wishing for cracks! I do. xo

cookingwithgas said...

Sweet little heart.
I love the swing and the quilt.
I remember that bottle.
One man's treasure..

Lori Buff said...

That's the best looking broken pottery I've ever seen! I may go break some pots just to try the repair.

I also love the idea of hand made paper flowers for Raku vases. Perfect.

Amy said...

that swing looks like the one similar to one as a child- a glider... and beautiful heart, mended and all. have never tried the gold mending technique.

Metalphor'em said...

Yes quite a stinker that swing. Good ole fashioned lead based paint I'm sure. Good, glad it works for ya. I was thinking I should have put one more weld on it. Its always a pleasure to show off my skills and fix something treasured by one who now has it restored to its former glory. Happy swinging Tracey!