Saturday, December 14, 2013

Art is good

This is Mr. Louis St. Louis in a black velvet suit and fur coat, that was previously draped around his shoulders. We introduced ourselves at Frank Gallery where I was tending the bar for our Chatham Artists studio tour reception. When you are a bartender you just know something interesting is going to happen. And in walked Mr. St. Louis and he dubbed me Ms. Velvet, and because I had on a velvet dress that has not fit me in four years and because he had on a velvet suit that matched, we needed to have a photo made of us! Thanks to Lyndell Dodge (is that not the greatest name ever?!) for taking this photo and sending it to me. Now Lyndell is a whole other story and of course someone with this amazing name should be taking this photo! She and I were the wine and beer servers and I just know we could get into some silly trouble together. What a fun night. It started off with a fantastic dinner at Vimela's Indian Restaurant with my art pals and then we moved on to the gallery reception. Much fun!

The fun continued last night. Gerry and I went to the opening of A Civil War Christmas. I am so proud of everyone that worked on this show, and I was emotional through the entire performance. It was a very difficult play, such intricate music and stage management and stuff going on, and everyone got weary and edgy and so ready for it to be over. But last night they all did what actors do, they presented a brilliant show!

Today was the start of the second weekend of the studio tour. And because I am trying to sell some work, it rained, it poured, why wouldn't it?!  But there were brave art lovers who came out in the cold and the rain and they purchased gifts and things for themselves, we had wonderful conversations, I drank hot tea and listened to Johnny Cash and Shooter Jennings and the Cowboy Junkies, and life was good and cozy in my tiny studio. Thanks to all of you that were not afraid of a little rain!!! I loved seeing you. And a special friend dropped off some porcelain angels and some hearts and that has my own heart singing and inspiration flowing through my entire being and I want to put everything up in my studio and get out some clay! I'll try to shoot some pics tomorrow and show you.

The best thing about this tour is how relaxed I feel. I put no pressure on myself, no expectations. I didn't bust my ass to make new and improved work. I kept it simple and I only made what I loved and enjoyed making and put zero thought into whether or not it would sell. I didn't worry that there were pieces dated 2012. I made those pieces during a time when I had more love for these barns than I knew what to do with and I made a lot of work. They are still great and timeless and I still had a hard time parting with each one.

I wasn't trying to compete and keep up with the rock star artists that surround me this year. I am still, I am content, I am satisfied with what I am making, and if you love my work and want to own it, I thank you and I consider you a dear passenger on my life's journey. Thank you for wanting something I have created from joy and the love of making and exploring the recesses in my mind and my heart. The business of art sucked the life out of me last year, but with this tour and the visits from all of the great folks that came to my studio, I feel new energy flowing, new ideas and inspiration, and most especially a new desire to make something new!

Thanks everyone, last chance to come out on the tour tomorrow, See ya!!!


Laura Farrow said...

yay! I knew this day would come. xo

Sandy miller said...

Well said! I'm on such a learning curve this year but love that you blog your journey :)

Susan Wells said...

Yay for revitalized Tracey!! Relaxed and inspired. What a combo! I can't wait to see what you cook up.

Dennis Allen said...

Thanks for the update and happy news.I decided not to do any big Holiday Shows this year and I have had enough regular customers show up to make me very satisfied.I'm doing an open house at a friends studio today but I only took a couple of boxes of pots and don't care if they sell or come home. A lot of the stress we feel is stress we manufacture ourselves.

Michèle Hastings said...

yes Art is good! Your weekend sounds perfect.

cookingwithgas said...

Such a good place to be.
I can't wait to see you this week.