Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Now what?!

Thanks to all of you for coming along on this journey with us through my blog. My stats are way up this month, lots of readers. Thanks also for your wonderful comments and emails. I have been really slack in commenting but I have read your comments and shared them with Wesley and Gerry.  They are most appreciated and enjoyed!!!

Yesterday lunch was just the three of us. We had momos with rice and vegetables and the hottest chili sauce I have ever eaten. Leftovers from our Saturday party.

We received emails from Tashi and Jamphel, Wesley talked with them all day on facebook, they are doing well and have begun the construction of another mandala in Richmond Va. Wesley left for school after supper and it was back to the two of us, me and Gerry. What a quiet house!

My weight watchers meetings taught that it takes 16 days to form a routine. I would agree. I had 15 days with the monks and our mornings were always the same. Now I find myself moving in that new pattern. New routine, new everything.

Wesley is learning the Tibetan alphabet and teaching me. Today my homework is to write my letters. Yesterday we made flashcards and my goal is to be able to recognize the letters of the alphabet by the time Wesley comes back home. Wes loves language and I have no doubt she will be speaking Tibetan smoothly by the end of the year. She can already read some words and knows the alphabet. Ahhhh youth, they are like sponges!

Tahsi left one of his cokes here and I drank it yesterday. I haven't had a coke in years, I forgot how good they are, but not good for you, poison! I drank it anyway, for Tashi :)

I feel like I am back in first grade. Remember the lined paper and the first letter written for you so you could practice your strokes? I'm right back there. The TIbetan letters are beautiful and fun to write. Art in another form. I have a calligraphy marker and it makes writing them much easier.

We spent the day yesterday reflecting on our monks, how funny they were, how unexpected everything was and not at all as we had imagined. Their kindness and compassion will stay with me forever. The last night of their visit, they lingered downstairs after diner, not wanting to leave us, wanting to spend as much time as possible with us. They sang songs to us in Tibetan. I wish you could have all been here for that. Wesley and Gerry played their guitars for them. We shared photos and family stories. Wesley showed them all of the footage she had shot over the week. No TV, no Olympics, just quietly being together. Tashi got tired and went upstairs. Then Gerry. Jamphel did not want to leave us, so Wesley and I stayed up with him late into the night, talking, sharing hopes and dreams and memories.

Jamphel told us that his dream is to learn English very well and he wants to translate important Tibetan books into English and important English books into Tibetan. He told Wesley she would help him. Can you imagine this? Wesley has contacted the monastery headquarters here in the U.S and asked for more time to shoot video. I have no idea where all of this will lead my child, but many doors are opening for her, and her future looks so amazing. I cannot wait to see where her journey will go.

Today my journey leads me upstairs to get my house back to normal! And soon it will be warm and my studio will be calling to me.


smartcat said...

Dear Tracey,
This is just a very small thank your for taking us on the journey you, Gerry, and Wesley experienced. What a delight to know that every day you would write about another step of the way.

Thank you again to all of you for your willingness to share a very special time.


Tracey Broome said...

Thank YOU! So much! I was so happy to share this with everyone and know that you were reading. I only wish all of you could have come here and met these special people with me!

Sandy miller said...

I am struck by the image of the writing, it looks lyrical. Really flowing and beautiful.......

Ditto SC! Your adventure has spilled into my days. We have a nasty war being waged here in town with illegal immigration. I had just read your blog and your journey, it was very surreal. The peace you were experiencing and hate-fest I was experiencing...... perspective is mind blowing. How do I make this a peaceful place .... and not by withdrawing into my safe place! Baby steps! :)

Tracey Broome said...

Sandy , the letters are so fun to write it is a very soulful language for sure. Wesley went back to school to a roommate war and she just stayed calm and powered through it with the mind of Buddha, peace is good..... Why can't we all just get along?!


This is all so incredibly cool.

Lori Buff said...

Thank you for taking us along on this journey with you all.

I'm so glad Wesley was able to face the roommate war with peace in her heart. That's so important in any conflict.

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Judi, I think they are coming to NJ, not sure if they are close to you though.
Yeah, Lori, Wesley is living with two boys that cannot clean up after theirselves, the other girl in the house had enough, exploded, ha! I so remember those days.....

C2 said...

I also enjoyed this short journey with the monks. I have a few things in common with you (pottery- a newbie, NC, Weight Watchers), so it was interesing to see your face on the back of the weekly WW handout! Just the motivation that I needed to get back on track!

Tracey Broome said...

oh dang! I need to get to a meeting, I forgot that was coming out. I haven't been since December, just too crazy around here, glad you reminded me!