Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sacred Arts.......... Closing Ceremony

Peace Sand Mandala, Artscenter Carrboro, NC

The closing ceremony for the Peace Sand Mandala was Saturday afternoon. There was a very nice crowd in attendance at the Artscenter and the community showed their support with donations and purchases of merchandise. The monastery will receive over $10,000 for this tour and 2000 monks will be very grateful for the donations. 

Gerry, Wesley and I received Khatas and gifts from the monks. Here we are receiving a blessing from Geshe Jampha. It was a very special ceremony.

The Geshe asked Gerry to photograph the mandala and they would not move it until he arrived to take the photo. Three monks and one volunteer from the Dojo helped him up onto the pedestal they had arranged for him and held him so he wouldn't fall. If only everyone received the media this way. Usually Gerry is being pushed off a pedestal or yelled at by an over zealous security guard. 

HERE is the schedule for the rest of the tour, they are heading for Virginia, Pa. NJ, NY and a few more stops. If they come close to where you are please go and visit, tell Jamphel and Tashi you are my friends!!!!

We said goodbye this morning to our guests. I will share later, we need a minute..................


Trish said...

What a wonderful experience.. take your moment and remember.
Canadian hugs to you all. T.

sadie said...

I have never commented on your blog although I have been following you for some time but I've been moved to comment because the monks are coming to MY town the first week of March!!! Apparently they have been coming to Toms River for a number of years and I have been aware of this but never made the time to attend the events. I am not sure I will be able since I am a teacher and the schedule of events is during the day when I will be teaching but I may have to make time to drive right over when my day is done.
I am so happy for your family---what an amazing experience. Blessings!

Gail said...

Where in PA???

littlemancat said...

Oh yes, take many moments to reflect and remember this incredible experience. I've been moved to tears reading of this beautiful time.
Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us "out here."
And I see that they are coming to Skippack in PA! I am thrilled! Skippack Village is one of my favorite places - and very close by.
Thanks Tracey [ and Gerry and Wesley] for this moving experience.
Peace and love,

littlemancat said...

Opps! I am so sorry I mis-read the schedule. They were in Skippack last year. So disappointed. Maybe someday?

Tracey Broome said...

Hi Trish, yes, wonderful, the monks wore the Canadian mittens while here during the snow!
Sadie, so nice to hear from you! Thank you for your comment. I do hope you can get to see the monks. Here, they worked sometimes into the night, not sure how they work in other ares, but it's worth calling in sick. Tashi and Jamphel would be so excited to see you, say you know Tracey la, Gerry la and Wesley la!
Gail, here is the schedule
hope you can see them,

Mary, much reflection today, yes. Sorry about the Skippack mistake, still other places in Pa, worth a drive!