Monday, February 10, 2014

Sacred Arts...... Opening Ceremony...... Friendship

First of all, thanks to all of you for your blog comments and emails and cards. I am getting behind in my blog reading, I try to catch up early in the morning before everyone gets up, I have little time for commenting on your blogs, but I am quickly reading them! I will have to revisit later. I'm so happy you are enjoying these posts.
Here are some tea bowls I got from blogger friends, Hollis Engley and Brandon Phillips. I wonder if they still read blogs....

The opening ceremony for the Sacred Arts Tour was yesterday. My pal Laura came over for the opening and helped prepare lunch. Then Tashi and Jamphel shared a meditation with us, Wesley and Laura did yoga together, and we got everyone to the Artscenter for the ceremony.  This is my new reality. Routines are different, time is different, the house is always full, there are no quiet lulls like there are when Gerry works late and Wes is at school. There is less stress, Gerry is calm, Wesley smiles, contentment and learning seem to be ever present.

 Tashi, Kusong, Jamphel, Gerry, me and Wesley

Wesley is filming this tour for her documentary film class. Alex (beside her) is her partner on the project and joined us yesterday. She has had a permanent smile on her face since last Friday.

Yesterday was one of those days I will never forget and it will be larger than life in our memories. Laura and I prepared lunch so Jamphel promised to prepare dinner for us. We were supposed to all make momos together but I could tell he was tired from the ceremony, so we decided on noodle soup instead. But not just any noodle soup. Jamphel made the noodles from scratch.  I offered to help, but Wesley wanted to do it, so Gerry and I rested in the living room while brother and sister prepared supper for us. Tashi rested upstairs for awhile and then came down to help with the noodles. What a treat. Jamphel taught Wesley how to make noodles and we had them fried with potatoes, bok choy and green peppers and also prepared in a broth with mushrooms, bok choy, onion and LOTS of red pepper flakes. We also had a salad of cucumber, carrots and green onion. Humble ingredients, prepared simply and flavored with heat. I can't even tell you how good this meal was!

Some of you have asked about what food they like or have tried while here. They like noodles, soups, rice, vegetables prepared simply, mostly raw, and salads made from veggies but not really lettuce. They like bread. They don't care for American food, hamburgers, pizza, fried foods, no. They actually eat very much like we do here at home so it has been easy. They like Indian food, samosas, tandoori, curry. Always noodles and rice though. And potatoes.
They like cookies, chocolate, and Tashi likes coca cola. They drink hot water after meals, and I have started doing this. It really helps with digestion and is a good drink later at night. I always want something hot at night but don't like the caffeine, I never even thought about just drinking hot water.

I can't get over the fact that last night my child was in the kitchen preparing a meal for her mom and dad with two Tibetan monks. It is a surreal experience, but we are so used to them being here now, it seemed perfectly normal. Tonight I will cook for them. I think Tashi and Jamphel are the cooks for the monks and so it will be nice to fix something for them and give them a break.

Wesley should be heading back to school today, but as luck would have it, snow just started to fall and she may have to stay here. I have a feeling she prayed for that and got it! She really doesn't want to miss a moment of this visit.

Now snow is falling, Gerry has gone to work, Wesley is at the Artscenter with the monks and I am typing a blog, washing monk's clothes (did I really just say that), and having some tea with white bread and butter.



Dennis Allen said...

Thanks for sharing this marvelous adventure.

cookingwithgas said...

Such joy.
You have made me think of some of the people who have passed through our life here and what joy it brought.
I like the thoughts of all that good food.
I hope you carry your boys with you always.

Tracey Broome said...

Glad you are enjoying these posts, we are having such an interesting adventure. Yes, we will carry this memory with us forever and it will add much to our lives!

Michael Kline said...

Wow, I'm SO behind on reading your blog, but always happy to catch up. Good times, mk

littlemancat said...

These have been the most wonderful posts. I can't begin to express how the joy just flows out of the computer to the reader, this reader anyway. Beautiful.
I was happy to see Wesley's little blue Buddha in recent photos - hadn't she lost it some time in the past?
Peace, Tracey - and I know you have it.

Michèle Hastings said...

they are smart to avoid the american diet!

great post.