Saturday, March 1, 2014

Prayer Rosaries for Tibetan New Year

I have been busy working on some necklaces this past week. Since the monks left, there has been such a quiet space in the house. The quiet and the presence of the monks seems to have informed these pieces. I have decided to call them prayer rosaries. For one thing some of the parts have come from actual rosaries I have found in antique stores. They remind me of  rosaries and they remind me of the prayer beads the monks wear, so it seems fitting to give them this name.

I have three here on my blog for sale in honor of the Tibetan New Year which starts tomorrow, should you feel inclined to own one. Just click on the tab above that says Buy Now. I have them reasonably priced considering the time I have invested. But the materials are not precious metals or stones, they are things I have made or found in antique shops or collected over the years.

Go take a look, let me know what you think. I love them, but I am ready to part with them.  I made one for myself, I can let go.

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