Sunday, June 15, 2014

Me Time

Friday the 13th was a pretty miserable day for all of us. Wheels turned quickly on the Thursday before, and Gerry's parents both ended up at a rehab/nursing facility on Friday. It is a beautiful place, but having the family go through this major life change has been extremely stressful and challenging for all of us. On Wednesday, Wesley and I got in the car and drove up to the Blue Ridge Parkway for the day. We are so fortunate to live close enough to the mts. for a day trip and it was a much needed getaway, just the two of us. We left Gerry home to rest his wounds, left early in the morning and were hiking in this beautiful field of wildflowers by 11am. We had lunch up on the mountain and then spent the afternoon in Boone. It was a nice mental break for both of us. Poor Wesley is getting her first dose of aging reality and it is not sitting very well with her.

Friday morning I decided I had done enough for everybody else, and I needed a little me time. I signed up for a soap making class with Lea Alston at Scentsuosity in Raleigh. It was so much fun, took my mind off of all the stressful events of the past week, and I just enjoyed the company of student/teacher, inhaled the aromas from her beautiful shop and took a mental break.

I have discovered that I love making soap, and I especially love all the tools that come along with the  making, it's a whole new world!

The soap I made is a blend of coconut, olive and palm oil with essential oils of sweet orange and a blend called Karma that was a patchouli based aroma. Lea told us we should name our soap so I'm calling it Good Karma, I kinda like that. Can't wait to cut into it, this is sort of like waiting for the kiln to cool. In fact, soap making seemed very intuitive to me, since much of the process is similar to glaze mixing and I like the chemistry of it all. I could really get into this soap making thing, I love the idea of blending all of the essential oils and ingredients for healing and nourishing soaps.

Speaking of healing.... Gerry is healing nicely, my mother in law is making fast friends at her new home, my father in law is joyful to have his wife back with him and today is a nice quiet father's day at home since Gerry doesn't want to go out in public yet with his black and blue face. I went to the farmers market and got some fresh veggies so I'm going to cook a big southern lunch and be a lazy girl today. We all need a stress free day. Wish I could take a nice long bath with my new soap. Just have to wait two more weeks! I see soap dishes on my studio shelves, don't you?!


cookingwithgas said...

Hugs to you all- it is never easy, never. Soap! A new adventure.
Best to Gerry one of the good guys, a great father.

oldgreymareprimitives said...

Happy Father's Day and Family Day to all <3

Anna M. Branner said...

I feel for all of you. But so glad Gerry's parents are somewhere safe and TOGETHER. I am NOT surprised that you enjoyed making soap. I have lots of friends that make their own and it sounds right up your alley. :)

Dennis Allen said...

Managing care for aging parents is never easy.Letting the right side of your brain take over for a while was a good idea.Enjoy your day.

Michèle Hastings said...

Wonderful that Gerry's parents can be together. After being together for so many years, separation is painful for the elderly.
Good Karma, perfect name for a good soap. Makes me want to fill up the tub.

littlemancat said...

Happy for you that you and Wesley got away for a day - it is hard on the young, I remember my son almost running to the car after visiting his grandma in the nursing home and saying to me - "don't get old." It took him some time to accept the situation. It's a hard lesson, this mortality thing.
It sounds as if Gerry's parents are doing well, and doing it together. That's wonderful.
Soap making - now that's nice!
Take care,

Tracey Broome said...

Hey ya'll, just catching up after a nice Fathers Day, thanks so much all my blogger friends for your kind words!

Vicki said...

Warm wishes and gentle hugs to you all at this difficult transitional time.
Good Karma by Tracey Broome. Perfect.

We all need "me" time - it's as essential as breathing. Nourishment for the soul.

Tracey Broome said...

Thanks Vicki! Yes, I learned when Wesley was a little girl how important a little time for myself was, keeps everyone around me much happier :-)

Lori Buff said...

I'm so glad to read that everyone is healing well.

I've been wanting to learn to make soaps but just haven't put forth the effort. You do make it sound like fun.

Trish said...

Thanks for keeping us 'in the loop', Tracey.. so much going on for you and your family. Hope all settles and heals now... Seeing ones' parents/grandparents age is difficult.. Love the combination of ingredients for your soap! have fun with that.. Cheers. T.

Trish said...
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June Perry said...

Soap making sounds like so much fun, not that I need anything new to add my to my current plate; but I will tuck that away for the future.
Love the idea of using essential oils and your soap name is perfect!
Glad you had a day in the mountains. It's always good, particularly during any times of stress, to feed our spirit as well as our bodies.

Tracey Broome said...

Try it! So fun, and if you are a potter you are conditioned already for the waiting and the chemical mixing! Thanks for your comments, all :-)

Sandy miller said...

Per usual I am late your party! So much has transpired in your life in the last 10 days or so!

My garden pal just had the same surgery! For a month she answered the phone; Bride of Frankenstein, how can I help you? But she has a clean bill of health and we happy dance! May you happy dance while making soap :)
Good to read Gerry's folks will be together and cared for.