Wednesday, September 24, 2014

One of those perfect days......

I'm getting short, old and immature :)
 First of all, thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes, the emails and posts on my blog and instagram. So very nice to hear from all of you!! Made the day very special. xo

Wesley surprised me with a visit home yesterday. Gerry took me to breakfast, then we went to see the sculpture exhibition at the Botanical Gardens. We got home, parked right beside Wesley's car and I didn't even see it! Walked in the door and there she stood, I screamed! I was all set to be fine with her being at school, not a big deal, just another day, but it was so great to be surprised like that. I had already gone to Winston Salem on Sunday to have lunch with her and that was good a plenty. I am a very blessed mom to have this girl for my daughter. Except last night she said she dreamed that I kept insisting I was autistic. Now, what does that mean!?!?

Gerry gave me a great Carhardt vest for my birthday and some other nice gifts. Wes got me a little loom that I had seen at Old Salem, so cute, I'll show you once I weave something brilliant on it :)  She also brought me a bottle of Pliny the Elder beer from Lazarus. I'm liking this young man more and more, haha! Do you know this beer? It is apparently a rare breed that only comes around once a year, produced in Santa Rosa Ca, where he is from.

We shared the bottle of Pliny last night with a bowl of chili and some home made bread. We went out together for lunch but the day got rainier and colder and it seemed like staying in with a bowl of chili and beer was a great idea. It was. Perfect evening! Really good beer!

I had a lovely day at Old Salem on Sunday, as always. It's just a feast for the eyes. I have lots of pictures, I'l spread them out this week so you don't get crazy bored with my blog :)
This is where I would live if given a choice. In this little cabin with a garden out back. Perfect.
Lots of things are perfect lately, isn't it nice?!


oldgreymareprimitives said...

so good to hear someone so happy in the world <3

littlemancat said...

The little cabin brings to mind the Yeats' poem about the Isle of Innisfree -
Glad that you had a lovely birthday with the folks you love.

Trish said...

It IS exceptionally nice.:) T.

Trish said...

It IS exceptionally nice.:) T.

Scott Garrett said...

That's where I'd live too... obviously not all under the same roof! Perfect cabin...well, for two. Might have to add on for the boys!

Lori Buff said...

That sounds like a perfect birthday. Yay for you.

Tracey Broome said...

Suzan, yep, I'm pretty happy, I've done sad, its not fun....
Mary, I love that poem, thanks for the reminder

Trish, very nice :)

Scott, it's a bit on the large size to qualify for a tiny house, but it would be such a cool thing to live in!

Lori, yes indeed, perfect!!!

Thanks y'all!