Monday, October 27, 2014


October is one of those months you wish could last just a little while longer. The light is golden, the air is fresh and cool, the leaves are colorful and crunchy to walk on. The sunlight on the water sparkles like crystal, the skies are the bluest blue. There is a promise of rebirth to come after the drying and browning of August. October whispers,Spring will be back quick as a wink, just wait for it!

I almost didn't post this photo, I feel like I'm looking a bit like an old crazy chicken lady here, but maybe I am, so what the hell, here it is..... I'm looking at my grandmother Sybil in this photo, she would have been wearing a similar scarf, her hair was long, but she wore it up with lots of hairpins,
always navy blue or black clothing, always. She was a Quaker after all. Only she didn't have those dark circles... I suppose these come with insomnia....... sleeping three to four hours a night gives you that lovely shade under the eyes....

We have been taking advantage of this glorious weather as much as possible. This is Gerry's Instagram post from Hanging Rock State Park.. The paparazzi are our two college mates that we have been friends with since we were 19 and in school together, all of them except me were in the photography program. We had a great day hiking and enjoying the most amazing weather. It's so great to have these friends for so many years and still have a bunch of fun together. Also nice that Wesley can share this time with us. 

 I haven't taken time to blog in awhile, I only have my iPhone and iPad now, and they are not the greatest blogging tools. I am less than motivated to struggle through it most days. My laptop is dying a slow death, the screen blinks on and off, on and off, the battery literally is swollen and bursting open, not kidding, it got hot! And my camera died.

Gerry celebrated 55 years yesterday. Wesley was able to make it home for the day,we weren't sure she would be able to get home,but she is a trooper when it comes to being with us on special occasions. She brought pumpkins with her so she and Gerry could spend the afternoon with their traditional pumpkin carving. This is their thing,not mine. But I love watching!

We had a nice quiet afternoon and then they wanted to watch a scary movie. Again, their thing, not mine. They found Day of the Dead on Netflix and so we watched that. Not scary,just gross, gross, gross, how many people can be ripped apart and eaten by zombies in two hours anyway? I remember Gerry going to see it with Corky (one of the paparazzi in the previous photo) back in the 80's and coming home talking about how it was the scariest movie he had ever seen. Seriously,horror has come a long way since then! 

Work is fun, I actually look forward to going, can't wait for Friday to get here. The customers are all so happy, everyone brewing beer and growing gardens and buying things for their hydroponics and their yards. Best kind of job! Working around all the plants has me wanting to make some flower pots. We sell Guy Wolffe pottery, and I pick it up and think, well, I can make that.... Just stamp my dang name on there! So I might.....

I got Gerry a great japanese Hori Hori knife and a multi purpose hoe type garden tool, yep I got him a hoe and a hori for his birthday,haha! Just what he needs :-)

So, life is good, Child is happy and in love, work is great, Gerry is on vacation this week, so we have house projects to work on and I am in a really good place mentally....

Accepting of things I cannot change and changing the things I cannot accept. 
It's all good, y'all :-)


oldgreymareprimitives said...

I don't understand the attraction of all those scary movies either, yet I adore Walking Dead!
You do sound happy danceish.! Whoo Hoo..I'm working on mine :D

Lori Buff said...

Happy birthday Gerry, enjoy those gifts. Hahaha.

Carol said...

I love that photo of you - I'm not sure if I have ever posted on your blog before, but had to chime in today.

Michèle Hastings said...

Happy Birthday to Gerry! It was a great day for a birthday ;-)
This has been a fabulous fall to be outdoors. I am always hoping it will last forever.

Tracey Broome said...

Yay, Suzan, join in the happy dance, come on along!
Lori and Michele I will pass your birthday wishes on to Gerry.
Carol, so glad you left a comment, I hopped over to your blog for a visit, love it,yay, more blogs to read! And thanks about the photo, I think I look tired and pale, but hey guess what I was tired and pale!

Pam Wiseman said...

I love your chickens and Happy Birthday to your hubby! Nice pumpkins by the way

Tracey Broome said...

Thanks Pam!

Sandy miller said...

I will have until the day I die.....l I love having chickens. Crazy chicken lady..... So be it!

Thanks for struggling through..... Love coming here to read your blog...... Enjoy your Friday!

And happy Birthday to Gerry!

Paul Jessop said...

Nice to see and hear that life is good Enjoy.