Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I can see clearly now

I'm sitting here this morning having coffee with Gerry, the sun is out, the snow is still powdery and glistening in the sunlight, birds are all over the bird feeder and one little bird is chirping away. Gerry just commented that it sounds like its saying "stupid, stupid, stupid". He's right, it does, haha!  It must be talking to all of the fools that have left their cars half in the road up and down our street. People in the south, stay out of your cars when it snows!

We had a beautiful snowfall yesterday. The light fluffy powdery stuff that is so beautiful falling and nice to take a walk in. Not the usual southern snow that is mostly ice and creates havoc on the roads. Except this one caused its own havoc on the interstate, road crews didn't see it coming and when the south gets an inch of snow, it is apocalyptic according to the local news channels. I40 was a parking lot. You guys up north must get the biggest laugh watching us down here trying to deal with our tiny snows.  I went to work in my Subaru, not a problem. It was fun being in the store with my pals, watching the snow and talking with the few people that ventured out to shop. Carrboro is a walking town so its much easier to get out in snowy weather.

In other news, I got contact lenses on Monday. I have been thinking about it for awhile, and Gerry finally has decent vision care insurance that is available to spouses also, so I went for it.  I think I'm going to like wearing them once I get used to them and get the prescription right. I wore them to work yesterday, big mistake. I have multi focal lenses and I don't have the small print reading part adjusted quite right and I couldn't see the totals on the register or prices on items so thank God we only had a few customers, and those were used to me being inept at the register anyway, haha! (We have such a complicated computer system. At least its a Mac! ) I had them looking at the register telling me how much they owed, also thankful they are honest :-)

Its nice to have peripheral vision again and not be seeing the world through a frame. It was easy enough to figure out how to take the contacts in and out, although I got my right eye irritated on the first day, so it was just a bit uncomfortable. Here is the best part of it all though. The insurance covers eye exams and regular lenses or glasses. But I wanted the multi focal lenses and of course it didn't cover the evaluation and fitting for those. So I had to pay for that out of pocket. The cost? The exact number on the check I got for my barns on Saturday! I love when that happens. It happens a lot to me. Whenever I get a little extra cash for my work, something comes up that will be the exact same amount. Thank you Universe for looking out for artists!

We have more snow coming tonight, so there will be more mass hysteria to come. I'm probably not going to turn on the TV anymore. It just gets too ridiculous watching the news reporters out with their rulers measuring the snow on a busy highway and what is up with all of them now getting in their News Two Mobile Weather vehicles, riding around with a camera in their face and telling us to stay home, if we must go out make sure we clean off our windshields, (duh?! ).

Go get your bread and milk for those milk sandwiches tomorrow!!!!
Stay warm, think SPRING!!!


Dennis Allen said...

It's a good day for a Subaru up here too.

Laurie said...

I love those synchronicities too, where it's obvious the universe is looking out for us.

Lori Buff said...

The birds have been crazy busy around here for the past few days. I’m not sure why but it’s fun to watch them if they aren’t calling you names. Hehe
I hope you continue to enjoy the contacts, seeing is good.

cookingwithgas said...

This snow is messing with me. I'm just going to get snowed in and let the world pass me by.
Contacts, what fun.

That bird was talking about the weather....

oldgreymareprimitives said...

baby girl and beau are in Atlanta doing a film and they are under some emergency snow thing also..I guess lala land has a few advantages.. :D

Michèle Hastings said...

It took me quite a few visits before I got my contact lenses straight. I first tried the two different lenses in each eye thing then settled on multi-focal. Distance isn't real sharp and small details aren't great. I love them when I am working in the studio. No more glasses sliding off my nose or scratched lenses from clay.