Monday, June 22, 2015


 This log cabin in the woods has been our home for the past week. We drove through the gate of this 100 acre mountain farm, locked it behind us, and put the cares of the world away for a solid week of seclusion..... Bliss.

The place was beautiful and everything you could want from a mountain retreat. Big front porch with rocking chairs, the sound of a mountain stream to sleep by, rustic interior, luxurious beds, and a river to fish in. And private, no one else around for miles!

I mostly sat in the river or on the front porch and read. I did a little weaving, some cooking, but mostly I read. What a treat to sit and read a book all day. I never get to do that.

 Lazarus was able to come up for a couple of days to visit, and he and Wesley just read also. We like to read.....

The John's River is a sweet little river filled with rainbow trout and small mouth bass. Gerry walked around in the river with his fly rod every day. That's all he did, fish.....

I brought my lodge cast iron dutch oven and we made meals on an open fire. We had whole foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, soups. I left out the sugar and processed foods and prepared good nutritious foods every meal. Wesley has had four years of college food living, has lost a lot of weight, health has suffered, Gerry has had a long season of covering sports and a lot of work stress, so this week was all about healing the family.

I had my feet up a lot. Every morning, I did yoga and meditation on the little balcony off the master bedroom, had a pot of herbal tea, and then went for a walk.

This was my meditation walk. There was a little path from the house to the river and this was my morning treat. Nothing but the sounds of the nearby roosters, the crows, the bugs in the field and the river rushing along. I had read an article recently about meditation walking and I used this path to practice mindful walking. It was wonderful and calming for the soul.

Every year, we talk about a trip somewhere for vacation. We try to go in June. But when June comes along, Gerry is so tired from sports season and work related crowd stress, travel stress, that all he wants to do is sit down somewhere quiet. So we often just decide on a cabin on the woods somewhere cool in the mountains. North Carolina is a beautiful state, we love it and now rarely leave it for vacation. This was a nice quiet week of introspection and nourishment for the soul. Can't think of any reason to travel far away when its all right here in our own back yard......

What is your favorite place for vacation?


Dennis Allen said...

Sounds wonderful

Lori Buff said...

That looks wonderful, very relaxing, healing, and beautiful. I don’t really have a favorite vacation spot, the world is too big and varied to pick just one.

Scott Garrett said...

Perfect! We could really do with one of these breaks. Shame we don't have cabins like that kicking around over here!
Had a weird dream the other night that i found myself in your neighbourhood, but i knew you were away, then i figured i'd drop in on Gerry anyway... but i couldn't remember your address! I was driving around going nuts, knowing it was a matter of a couple of miles, but my brain couldn't figure out a way to work it all out, i didn't have any phone or computer, or addresses, phone numbers etc. Then i realised i hadn't brought anything either, all that way and no gift.... "I'll buy some beers, that will do!".
I never did make it.

Joan Tucker said...

pacific beach, washington state
kailua beach maui

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Dennis and Lori, yep, it was pretty wonderful!
Scott, that dream is too funny, but yeah gifting beer is always appropriate here :) come on by!
Joan, nice pick for favorites, any beach will do for me!

Trish said...

Tracey.. WHAT a fantastic retreat, indeed!! so happy for you and your family to spend time together. Where is my favourite retreat.. at the Lakeside in B.C., where, the open invitation still stands should you feel the need to venture to the great north west again.. :). Trish