Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Animal spirit guides

When Gerry and I were first married, we bought a Mohawk flat water canoe, then we were hooked on paddling and we bought a Mohawk whitewater boat. We paddled all the time. Once we drove to Wyoming and Montana with our Mohawk boat on top of our Izuzu Trooper., paddled across String Lake at the base of Mt. Moran in the Tetons and camped at a canoe in campsite. Paradise. Then we had Wesley and felt like her drowning in the river due to our foolhardy paddling episodes would suck. So we sold the boats.... I still miss those green boats.

Sometimes we would play in the rapids, surfing and trying our best to paddle upstream, just because....
It was hard, challenging, sometimes fun, but completely futile. I had kick ass biceps back in those days though. And I wonder why I have this shoulder impingement....

We could get only so far upstream then the current would shoot us back down the river.  Our search for a new property this past three years has been very much like our paddling upstream. I was driving over Jordan Lake this evening and this came to me.  We have looked and looked, found two places we loved, lost them to cash offers, we found another farm that was a disaster, we couldn't get in the car and drive away from that place fast enough.  There is nothing new listing and if it is, we can't afford it. Like they say, you gotta have a ticket to get into Chapel Hill. It is so expensive around here.

Today, we went and looked at a fixer upper in a very beautiful wooded neighborhood. Its not on a farm, in fact there is very little sun so who knows if vegetables can grow here at all. But its on 6 acres, very private, land can be cleared for a garden, and chickens are allowed.  It is a weird passive solar home with concrete floors, huge windows in every room and the bedrooms have lofts, very odd but somehow sort of cool....

Light pours in this house from every room. I love this, I live in a very dark house, and while I love my cozy darkness it is hard to get motivated to crawl out of my pajamas on cloudy days.  I need some light.

The kitchen is a mess and needs some serious TLC, but what a dream, to gut a kitchen and make it what you want it to be. This would be a very easy renovation. I would love to buy from a restaurant supply place and have a restaurant kitchen. Industrial stainless steel with wood fired pottery. I'm loving the thought of that!

The driveway is long and winding through the woods, very private, but it's not a farm.....

HOWEVER:  It IS across the street from Jordan Lake, which is a very huge water basin between Pittsboro and Raleigh. A wildlife extravaganza. Its where Gerry is photographing the eagles.

The eagles...... I believe as the Native Americans do, in animal spirit medicine. I have had profound experiences with animal symbolism and always look to the Native American explanations of animal medicine whenever something is going on and there is an animal noticeably around.

Like, the day Wesley graduated high school, three vultures flew directly over my car, then Wesley came up to me at the door and said on her way there three vultures fled right over her car. The vultures were my totem all through her college years, coming to me every time there was a dilemma and giving me answers. There were always three of them. Three of us, three of them....

The week that Wes was to move to California a family of deer came one day and laid down in our yard all morning, I have never seen them do that. Then, the morning she was to leave, the mom came into the yard, alone, and stood there watching us, as if she was telling us we would all be ok. It was incredibly symbolic and comforting as I said goodbye to Wesley. There was also an episode once with a dolphin when Wesley was searching for some much needed answers....  it's really weird and powerful and I believe that shit!

So, my point is, the other day when I was down at the river with Gerry, it was a mystical kind of day. The eagles flying and calling to each other, the weather gray and cold and I wondered if the eagles were sending me their medicine. Today as I crossed the lake I wondered about them again and I came home and read about eagle spirit medicine. There was a lot that related to where Gerry and I are right now, but the thing that gave me some chills was a sentence that said if an eagle comes to you as a spirit guide it will lead you to water, because that is where the eagle is happiest and gets it's strength. Interesting that this house is pulling us because it is across the street from this beautiful lake. Maybe the eagles are bringing us to this house and we were never intended to live on a farm.

Maybe instead of having goats, I'll get a canoe!


Dennis Allen said...

Across from a lake sounds good. 6 acres to pay taxes on. hundreds of acres to play on.

smartcat said...

Toes crossed!

My house is passive solar, built on a cement slab. I love all the light and having nature just outside my window. The house is electric because of the kilns, but our main source of heat is wood. With those windows you will probably end up with tiny heating bills.

A good kitchen with lots of handmade stuff would be pretty neat! With a lake yet!

Keep us updated!

Lori Buff said...

Sometimes the right home speaks to you, it may not be what you envisioned in your head, it has to do with what your heart feels. This place looks really wonderful.

Tracey Broome said...

Heck yeah Dennis, will have to buy me a bass boat haha!
SC, nice to hear that you have a solar home and it is efficient for you. thanks for crossing those toes!
Lori, definitely not what I was envisioning, but then I have a dreamy mind, Gerry keeps me grounded in realism :) this is investment not unrealistic dreams

Michèle Hastings said...

That's a cool house! You would have so much fun renovating that kitchen. I think the house and land have lots of possibilities.

oldgreymareprimitives said...

A "farm" is only a farm because someone calls it that : D land is just that... land

Tracey Broome said...

Michele, it does have possibilities, the first one being sweep out the cockroaches, haha!
Z, land is land no matter what, I agree. Cosmetics can be altered, the land is what it is and where it is....
we will be "gardeners" not "farmers" :)

oldgreymareprimitives said...

my question is how much acreage is required for someone to say this is a farm that is not. Is it a farm if a tractor is used? well with 6 acres I'll bet you'll have a super mower tractor contraption soon enough.Do you need livestock. I know you'll have chickens, and I bet a goat works it's way in there cause I can sure see you making goats milk soap. so call it your farm and get over the nomenclature. I love the look of the house and you mentioned the light is good and the messages from the universe...listen to them my friend... be brave

cookingwithgas said...

I like the fact that there is water.
Water is a powerful healer.

Vicki said...

This is SO cool Tracey!
Light... it is necessary for an artist.
I hate having to use artificial light while I work, like I do here, in my eternally shady house.
Light is essential... and nourishing.
And this place you're looking at has it in abundance.
I yearn to create a cafe style kitchen - open shelves, blackboard, industrial style with wood accents. Tactile, textural, natural. No plastic laminates.
We think alike :)

Animal spirit guides are very powerful allies. I'm so glad you are in tune with those who come to guide you. They seem to be gathering especially for you.

I think this is a place of healing and nurturing. Water is known for that.
I can see you here. At peace.
Calmly paddling a beautiful canoe on the still water.
Your designer's eye, along with your and Gerry's great energies could transform this into a home of great warmth and heart. It's soul wrapping around you.
It is an artist's retreat.

A wonderful place for Wesley to come back to, whenever she needs to plug back in to the earth. Revitalize.

If this is the place you're waiting on... I pray to the Universe that it be yours.

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