Saturday, January 9, 2016


Quiet Jaunary. The rain continues to fall, the temperature has dropped. Our house is dark with soft gray light filtered through the shades and draperies. I left the white twinkly lights from Christmas, they make everything feel so cozy.

I look forward to crawling in my bed at night, under the quilts, the soft worn sheets are a comfort. I wake up in the morning to cloudy skies, skeleton shapes of the bare trees. Soft light. Dormant state of mind. Hibernation.

I'm reading, listening to music, making pots of soup with warm cornbread, drinking good roasted coffee from California. It is a slow month. It's good to slow down and breathe deeply. Reflect.....

Writing in new journal pages, keeping the words positive and more joyful. I filled enough pages with complaints last year to last me for awhile.

Gerry and I looked at another farm last week. These barns were the best thing on the property. There were too many negatives, although the old farmer was just about ready to give us the place or pay us to take it. I can walk in most any house and instantly visualize the renovation. I walked in the house on this farm and my mind went completely blank. I could see no way, except to tear it down. We continue to look...... but oh these barns, just what I would love to have. Can't you just see a weaving studio? A guest cottage?

We have a large nesting sight of bald eagles near our house. Gerry got up before sunrise the other day and spent the day at the river photographing them. Later in the day he came and got me and took me down there. I think we counted eight of them. Young ones and moms. We are so fortunate to have them near us, even more fortunate that people with good sense saw the need to save this species. They are magnificent.

It was nice to sit by the river and be still. Everything is so dead, so dormant. But the river was alive. There were seagulls and herons and ducks. And the eagles. Why is water so healing I wonder? It soothes my restless soul.....

It is a good new year


cookingwithgas said...

Door mat....My mind always plays tricks on me.
Look at that water.
So much rain.
I want cozy, I want coffee, I want time to stand still for a few more days.

Tracey Broome said...

I was a doormat last year, this year I am dormant, haha! Yeah, the rain, suspicious....

Lori Watts said...

My problem, back when I was house shopping, was that I could see what it could become more easily than I could see what it currently WAS. Kind of a big blind spot, given my penchant for procrastination.
We live just above the Kennebec River, which has a thriving population of eagles. I see one or more nearly every day but I never lose wonder of it; I know how close we came to losing eagles forever.

Michèle Hastings said...

Those barns are wonderful... to bad the house didn't hold as much promise.
I am feeling a little dormant too. Each day I force myself to get work done. The rain hasn't helped.

Vicki said...

Dormant. I love hibernating.
July is the time for that over here.

Those barns! So much potential!
Pity about the house though.
One day, everything will fall into place and you'll find it.
Just like I hope it does for us.
Or, we may have to build a tiny house, because everything over here is too damn big and too bloody expensive - not worth what they're asking :(
Sigh. I must remember. Be patient.....

smartcat said...

I am so very pleased to read of you finding some inner peace.
So sad that the farm was not what you need.
I can't quite find the words to say how I feel a deep, instinctive connection between you and barns.
Our chill of last week has turned to rain. That's fine with me. After last winter rain is a welcome relief!

Tracey Broome said...

Hi Lori: I sort of have the same problem. My husband sees the rotting wood, I see a shiny white kitchen with weathered wood accents :) Lucky you to live near the Kennebec, we had dinner in Augusta a few years ago and walked along the river, so beautiful.
Michele, the rain is miserable isn't it? Our yard is a mud pit!
Hi Vicki: Same problem here, big ugly expensive houses. We have considered building, but what a process that is, I think more for the young, I'm running short on the patience needed for that!
Suzi: I do have some odd connection to barns. Maybe its the memory of the one on my grandparents property years ago.The rain here is just a mystery, I don't remember a time when it has rained so much. Let me up, I've had enough!

Dennis Allen said...

Have a very happy new year Tracey.