Sunday, March 20, 2016

End of week three

I've been on the road now for three weeks with my new job. Some days have been great some not so good. There are a lot of white guys out there that don't like a woman telling them what to do! I'm dealing with a bunch of "good 'ol boys" and they are resistant to change. Well, to them I say,
Tough Shit!  I had a pretty big fight with one store manager this week, just making my armor a little stronger for the days ahead...... 

There is a lot of change ahead, so they might as well get ready and accept it. Much to do. Last week I spent a day on one of our lots in building boot camp. Learning pricing, styles, serial numbers, etc. I opened one building looking for the serial number and found a homeless person's new abode. Oh my, the smell....  One day I was cruising down I-540 and two of my companies' trucks passed me side by side. One with a load of buildings, one with a load of trailers. That was sort of an odd coincidence. The more I travel the more Leonard I see on the road. Who knew?

We are still holding our breath for our new house. Things are moving along. We have one more week of due diligence, but as luck would have it, we got the buyers from hell for our old house. They are nickel and diming us to death and seem to think that we have an endless source of money for them to ask for. Now we are waiting for their loan approval, so if ya'll want to cross those fingers and toes for us, now is a good time for it.

Having a new job, having a husband in the middle of basketball tournament season and trying to buy and sell a house is a true testament to a strong marriage. Gerry and I have not had one argument over any of this, we are united, working each thing out as it gets thrown at us, texting each other from whichever place we are working that day. He is getting home from tournament games around 1am, I am leaving in the mornings early to get on the road. There is no time for anything but realtor negotiations, basketball photographs and road travel for us right now. Hoping for a day soon to sit on our new porch and have a beer, take a breath and look forward to some restful summer weekends!

Today is Gerry's moms birthday. We are going to go and be with her today, although she won't know us. It will be sad, it's hard. The two girls I love more than anything, my daughter and my mother in law. Both sadly slipping from me more and more each day. How I miss both of them and the times we used to share. I feel like both are lost to me these days.  I talked to Wesley last night on the phone. Our conversations are long and filled mostly with laughter and news of our happenings. We don't get a chance to talk often now that my schedule is crazy and she is working so much. But when we do get to talk, it is a happy day for me. I only wish she was closer to share our new home and come over for supper a few nights a week. She eats with her boyfriend's family many nights. How I envy his mom, getting to be with my daughter. My new job is taking the place of my mom job and keeping me busy enough to stop thinking of all that I miss, so that's a good thing. But I sure do want her back in our lives......

I leave in the morning for the coast and will be gone all week while Gerry is here dealing with property stuff. Already looking forward to next weekend and this one isn't even over yet!


cookingwithgas said...

Your new life is really happening!
I'm crossing everything!

smartcat said...

Crossing everything that crosses. I had a terrific purchaser for my place and it still was not totally easy! Just practice saying a huge NO! to anything that doesn't feel right.
Of course you miss Wesley. It seems as though kids have to spend years moving away before becoming closer than ever. (I know there is no way Proge could be living with me if he hadn't spent ten years living away.)

Michèle Hastings said...

Buying and selling is SO stressful! Take a deep breath and envision yourself on your new front porch, beer in hand. It will all be over soon.
I agree with smartcat about adult kids, it's the in between that hurts so much.

Tracey Broome said...

Thanks for the crossing of toes and fingers everyone! So far so good.
Meredith, it really is a new life, who saw this coming!
Suzi, we have not been so lucky, these buyers are ridiculous with their requests.
They wanted me to leave my chickens for crying out loud!
Michele, stressful YES! I keep thinking this is the in-between for Wesley and one day she will be back on the east coast, meanwhile, I try not to think about how long apart the visits are.....

Laura Farrow said...

miss you, busy gal! ❤️

Tracey Broome said...

Miss you tooooo!!!!

Vicki said...

Holding my breath and thinking positive thoughts for you guys.
This one's the one, hopefully once and for all.

The heartache of our kids growing away from us is so hard to bear at times.

I admire your strength in all of this, it's not easy.