Sunday, April 24, 2016

Power of Positive Thinking

The endless saga with our house continues. We are hopeful the demons that crawled out of hell and tried to buy our house are in our past. Friday, we put our house back on the market. I sat on the porch in my grandmother's swing Saturday morning, and said a little prayer that the right buyers would come along in the two weeks we were given to get our house under contract. Literally ten minutes later our realtor sent an email with an offer attached. Saturday morning we had two offers and a couple more interested parties. In less than 24 hours we accepted an offer and are excited for the young newlywed couple that wrote us the sweetest cover letter ever. This one feels right, we feel like a huge weight has lifted and for the first time in over a month we had a day where we weren't answering hateful accusations and contacting lawyers.

Gerry and I went in to Chapel Hill and had dinner at our favorite restaurant, Tallulah's. It was a spur of the moment celebration. We haven't felt like eating in so long, we have both lost weight, we are both stressed out to our limits. If felt good to eat great food, just sit and breathe a little easier and then we took a walk around UNC campus.

We have been so caught up in real estate hell, I forgot there is a lot going on around town right now. It's graduating time for many of the students and campus was buzzing with kids taking photos and laughing and hugging, so full of excitement and promises of futures to come. At graduation time, it is tradition to gather at the Old Well and make photos. We did this years ago with our niece. It was joyful and lifted my mood greatly. I felt this odd thing I forgot I had.... a smile.

We sat on a bench near a stream in the Coker Arboretum. watching this young couple talking photos in their graduation gowns. They were adorable. We have sat on that same bench so many times with Wesley, talking and laughing and it was bittersweet to sit there in the cool evening air, watching these two.

At the same time, my child was across the country moving into her own little house on the Russian River. Also filled with excitement and heading out into a new journey.

Throughout all of this, I have tried to stay positive and believe that we would eventually get into our dream house. It has been a very hard fight, but I just kept believing that this house was meant for us and we would live there. I would just imagine myself in that space every day and I knew somehow my prayers would be answered and it would all come together. Today I feel more positive than ever and I know that this is right and come June we will be in our new home. I have faith!


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Dennis Allen said...

Hallelujah !!! This is the update I was hoping for. May you have smooth sailing through the rest of it.

littlemancat said...

Joy! Hugs to you - hoping this is the beginning of something wonderful.


Trish said...

YAY, YAY AND YAAAAYYYYYYY!! Congratulations, Tracey.. onward and upward.. :). hugs from Alberta. Trish

Vicki said...

The ring around the moon at 1am... change.
Add it did.

So happy you are about to enter a new fruitful chapter in your life... believe it to be so.
Your prayers have not fallen on deaf ears.

Wishing all well for you.

Tracey Broome said...

Let's hope this is a keeper, ya'll. I am very hopeful!!!!!
Thanks for the good wishes!

Lori Buff said...

I’m so happy for you. Sometimes we need to be patient and trust that the right thing/people will come along but it’s soooooo hard to do.

Anna M. Branner said...

Hallelujah! And so SO much better to turn a house full of so many memories over to a fresh new couple. :) So happy for you!

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Thanks ya'll