Monday, April 11, 2016

Prayers are answered in the strangest ways

I took some stuff to Seagrove Sunday for my pal Meredith to share with her grandkids. Mostly Wesley's old Barbie stuff and a chair my daddy made when I was a little girl. It was a beautiful drive, gave me time to ponder the situation we find ourselves in.

There is a Methodist chapel on the way to her house. I'm a Methodist, grandmother was a Quaker, then a Wesleyan. I like churches, I find peace and comfort there. I knew this little place out in the country is left unlocked so I went in to say a prayer. I prayed as hard as I ever have, been a long time, but still. When I pray like that, things happen.

So, today, quick as a wink, things started happening. Our stupid buyers have asked for a termination of our contract. They found one little tiny loophole in the messed up county system that lets them out free and clear as far as I can tell. So these toxic idiots can get the hell out of my life now. Gerry and I are done with them. I fought and fought, and then today, there was no more fight in me. I gave it up, gonna let God have a go at it.

We are beat to pieces. Both of us are sick, we have been sick for weeks now. Gerry is losing weight, we are barely coherent. I find myself making mistakes, not focused, it has just been the worst experience of my life. I even wrote them a very heartfelt letter, hoping they would agree to a resolution. Nope. So after spending hundreds of dollars, packing all of our worldly belongings into a Pod, we have a house to put back on the market. I am heartsick!

But in some odd way, I feel like that chapel gave me the strength today to give up. We are offering and asking the owner of our dream house to possibly rent to us. I am hoping that by giving up the toxic people in my life, it will open a door to new possibilities and somehow we can make this work in the end.

All I can say to those hateful buyers is
Karma is a bitch.....

NOTE: UPDATE- our brilliant attorney just sent the most amazing letter! Hold on, it ain't over yet...

peace ya'll, say a prayer if you are inclined!


Anonymous said...

Holding thoughts for you both! ox

cookingwithgas said...

Betty said great prayers for you after you left. I think she has a direct line. I felt the earth move! ;)
I think that this will work out one way or another.
I'm still planning on drinking a beer on your new porch.
That church has a way with us all. I look at it everyday.

ShellHawk said...

Hang in there! I know it's horrible to go through, but when things don't work out, it usually means something better is on the way that you weren't aware of!

gz said...

Hope it goes well..we're moving on from a toxic landlady...still haven't got our deposit back,but even if we don't,we've moved on!

Dennis Allen said...

WTF is the matter with people?

Michèle Hastings said...

That church is a beauty. We could see the steeple across the farmers field, when we lived in the log cabin. I hope that things will fall into place now that the energy suckers have moved on.