Saturday, September 17, 2016

Puppy love and trying to work

We are in love with Shasta, all of us. How could you not be?! She has learned to sit, lay down, she stays for a minute, still working on that one, she sometimes stops when you say "NO" as she darts off for the chickens and chases them into the woods. She and the cat are learning mutual respect. She is mostly house broken, she lets us know at midnight, 3am and 6am that she wants to go pee.  She is the smartest dog I have ever had live with me. Wesley is doing a great job training her.

Mornings this week have found me leaving at 6am to drive to stores for resets. I have been getting home at night around 8pm.  It is so fun to walk into a house where a puppy comes running to greet you with her little tail wagging.

Shasta is an absolute distraction, none of us can get anything done for playing with this puppy. Wesley is trying to write a screenplay and is finding out what being a working mom is like. Not an easy job!

 I am a session leader at our company Vendor Show next week and I have to give a one hour presentation on merchandising. I suck at this sort of thing, I will be gagging the morning I have to show up! I get so nervous. But I am trying to put together a presentation that will not make me feel that way. I am going to do a slide show and have asked some of the managers to speak about their experiences having me in the stores. Here is  the coolest gadget I have bought in a while. It is a digital projector and a speaker. I remember the old carousel slide projectors and this is such a far cry from that. But how cool is this?! I'll just make a slideshow on my Mac, hook up the little black projector to my computer and voila. Technology is amazing....

Work continues to challenge me every day. This past week I had to do a remodel at a store where I had a very bad experience my first week. The guy on the right runs a three million dollar store, he is smart, he can be an asshole and he was one to me. In hindsight I probably deserved it, I can be an asshole too and we just got off to a bad start. He yelled at me that day and told me I was like talking to a wall. My mom often says the same thing, so maybe he was right. Anyway, I put on my adult hat and sat down for a talk with him, got the air cleared and found out he really isn't that bad. We all just need to take a minute and see the other person's point of view from time to time. He invited me and some of the other folks at the store out to lunch and it turned out to be a great remodel week. It feel so much better to have a peaceful relationship with this store rather than dreading it every time I have to go there. Being grown up has its rewards!


ShellHawk said...

Shasta is just too stinking cute! I have a pair of adult German Shepherds and I can't stop cooing at them, either. It's disgusting! :D

Good for you for putting on your adult hat and sorting things out with this guy! Most people won't do that, and suffer the consequences of bad will...

Vicki said...

Australian Shepherds are extremely capable, smart, loving and super loyal.
I came very close to adopting one 25 years ago, but the pups were all sold, sadly.
And, I wouldn't say no if I ever had another chance to have one in my life in the future.

Your beautiful girl will be such a tonic for the soul in these early days, and will be a joyful, enduring companion in the years to come.

I wish you all much happiness xxx

Dennis Allen said...

Glad it is going well. If there is one thing I learned in college that helps me every day it is being able to take a point of view that is not my own and find some common values with others.

Anonymous said...

Look at you going & growing! Learning to be a grown-up can be exhausting, I know!
The slide show idea is great, maybe you can stand to the side in the dark, knowing they aren't looking at you. (throw in some photos of the cute puppy & you'll have them eating out of your hand!)

smartcat said...

Looks like Shasta love is just what you need at the end of the day.
With your ability to learn your subjects so thoroughly, your presentation will be a great success!

Michèle Hastings said...

Perfect timing for Wesley to be home and the arrival of Shasta. I am sure it would be hard for you to leave her alone all day.
Good luck with the presentation. Looks like you are well prepared.