Monday, June 5, 2017

Out with the old

Thank you guys so much for your Facebook comments. All I have heard is how I have to do Facebook if I am going to have a store. My last employer/boss was obsessed with Facebook, we hired a cute social media girl, blah blah. I looked back at their pages and they had maybe one or two likes per post. And lots of bad reviews and nasty comments. And they spent a lot of money on FB.
I really don't see the point. I tried, I gave it an effort, but every time I have any sort of encounter with FB I get pissed off. Its not worth it to me. I will take out a dang ad in the newspaper to keep from having to post on FB!! So I am deactivating the account. I will continue to post news on the website/blog I created, which I like doing, and Gerry will at some point, help contribute to an instagram, but he has a day job, so that will be a part time days off thing for him.

The photo above is of things I left behind when I got laid off (except my tools, which I love). It feels so good not to carry that beast of burden around anymore. Today I woke up for our weekly conference call and realized I didn't have to do that. I feel amazing relief and joy for life, what a favor those stupid people did me! New store, new journey, life is so great!!!!

Life is also great for Wesley these days. She so deserves it, she had a rough course for a while there. So news of my girl, which I have written about since she was in 8th grade (I cannot believe that!)
Wes is working in Wilmington NC for Screen Gems Studios, with two other UNCSA graduates that she hung out with while in school there. The show she is a part of is called Good Behavior, it is a TNT show. If you are a Downton Abbey fan, Lady Mary is the lead actor and plays a rather bad girl. We love the show and Wesley is making friends with all sorts of interesting people and doing something good for herself almost every day. I am so proud of her I could actually burst and very happy for her as well.

She lives on a little cobblestone street in a shotgun house. Teeny tiny, but adorable and perfect for her. The neighborhood is a little bit of everything, very diverse in culture, and alternative lifestyles. I love the people on her street. It feels very much like New Orleans and she has settled in very nicely.

The store is coming along great, we have almost all the furniture we need now. I was hoping for a little more money from stupid company, but I'm just keeping the faith that whatever has been propelling this venture will work all of that out for me. Doors continue to open and no road blocks as of yet, so I am hopeful for a successful business and a wonderful shop to be proud of. I hope all of you can come visit!! We are targeting an opening around the first of August. Will keep you posted.

Also check out for news. So glad to be able to blog again and have some nice thoughts to share, instead of constant complaining about ignorance and exhaustion!


smartcat said...

Dosn't it feel great to not have to deal with crappy people!
I feel like we are seeing the old, enthusiastic Tracy....welcome back!

smartcat said...

P.S. We have enjoyed seeing the very bad behavior displayed in Good Behavior!

Lori Watts said...

I enjoy using my FB page but it's definitely not a huge contributor to my income! Not worth doing if you don't enjoy it.

And you've had quite enough of doing stuff you don't enjoy, I'd say. <3

gz said...

I don't pay to hype my fb isn't compulsory!
All the best with the business

Michèle Hastings said...

FB has worked well for our business, but there are days that I swear at it! I don't promote a lot of posts, so I haven't spent much money on it. Every business has to do what is right for it.
We don't have cable... I wonder if we can stream "Good Behavior" ?

Tracey Broome said...

Nice to hear FB points of view you guys, thanks!
Michele we watch Good Behavior on Sling TV on the TNT channel, we don't have cable either

Anna M. Branner said...

The easy thing to do for FB? When you post on Instagram you can simultaneously post on FB. Just one effort. And you might even be able to turn off comments so that you never have to even go there! :)

Love hearing Wesley is doing well. She and my niece are living similar lives. She is freelance but is doing a lot of work for the Viceland channel. Some crazy interesting subject matter on that channel...

Tracey Broome said...

Anna, that is a great option, the comments are what bother me most, I just left a company that was getting slammed every day, it was terrible, but of course they deserved it lol
Viceland is very cool, lucky girls