Saturday, July 1, 2017

Catching up

 It has been a crazy couple of weeks of deliveries, unpacking product, bar coding, pricing, breaking down boxes, watering plants, writing orders, filling out credit apps, dealing with the bank, dealing with the landlord, the sign maker, getting postcards, meeting with reps and vendors, artisans, picking up product, and an endless list of other to do items. Whew!

I am having random mild anxiety flutters at 3am, wondering what the heck I'm doing, then other times I know exactly what I'm doing. I got to the store the other day to open up and a young man and his little girl were peeking in the front door. I see them frequently in the mornings walking by, so sweet together. He was looking in and said to her, "this looks like a fun store for us to come and visit", its great isn't it".  Let me tell you, that made my week!
Just a few days before, some ass looked in with his probably high school age son, and said, "looks like another one of those stores that will go out of business". Keep in mind, there was almost no product in the store when he looked in. Smart Guy...

Wednesday, this 18 wheeler pulled up to the store with my plants. Mild panic wondering where I was going to put a trailer full of plants, but only a third of it was for me. Whew, again! The plants are beautiful and healthy and look so great in the store, just hope I can keep them that way!

We are starting to look like a real garden store. The shop is filling up with so many nice things, I would totally shop here. Hope you will too. Visit for more blogging, I will probably be there more than here, and I have it connected with Facebook much to my dismay, but I am trying.....
Opening August 3   Whoop!!!


peggy koenig said...

Congratulations on your new business. Also, I'm a little late to the party but welcome back to land of blog. I've always enjoyed your ruminations on life and living and hope, in time, you find the time to share your thoughts once again. In the meantime, I'll head on over to your shop blog and have a look around your wonderful store. Cheers!

gz said...

Wishing you all success...and BOOOO to the cynics and naysayers!!!!

cindy shake said...

You GO GIRL!! It's been awhile, but the Holidays always bring out the romantic in us and was just reminiscing through some of my faves and there you ARE all big time on us! Sending you retail-power-woman-energy! xox

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