Sunday, August 28, 2011

Indoor booth

I'm starting to think about how I want my booth to be set up for the Carolina Designer Craftsmen show in November. When I'm out, I'm keeping my open for things that might work for me. I found this very cool shelf at an antique mall the other day, I like the way the pickets in the back look like little houses. I'm thinking I want my booth to be rustic, with white peeling paint and burlap fabrics. I don't have any shelves yet, I'll probably have to build something. This is the most fun part of shows for me since I used to be a set designer, I get my decorating fix setting up my booth.
I also found this very cool old ice cream maker. The blue color is the exact same as my new terra sig color. Guess I should make some ice cream buckets!
I was able to get a full day in the studio, got three barns made that I am very happy with and just for fun, made a pinch pot cup like the ones Laura is making. Good news is that Laura will have absolutely no competition from me in the cup area. I just about pulled myself apart putting the handle on. Why don't I ever remember that I hate making cups!!! I'll just have to enjoy the cups other people make!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fellow bloggers

These very cool cups were made by my good pal Laura Farrow, who has a show coming up soon in Hillsborough at Cuppa Joe. I went last year and basically had to stand in line to buy one and they lasted about 15 minutes. It was like a feeding frenzy, I literally had a woman snatch one right out of my hand! So get there early if you want one, They are so great! Wesley took her Laura cup off to school with her.
Here's Laura working in her studio which is just visual steroids. I'm always so inspired when I leave there!

You can check out Laura's blog for more info on cups and paintings and shows here.
I also wanted to mention a new blog by Maureen Gaurde, whom I have mentioned here before during the raku workshops I did last fall. Maureen had great success that day and just made the day a whole bunch of fun. Anyway, she has a little write up about me on her blog that is very flattering, thanks Maureen for your very kind words. Her blog is about a great support group here in Chapel Hill. Here is a description of the group I took from the blog:

Welcome to Women Starting Over After 50. WSO50 is a North Carolina non-profit organization dedicated to education and support of women in transition. WSO50 was founded in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, by Donna Nelson and Noelle Randall. WSO50 is about change, it’s about growth, it’s about finding your passion once again. Some of you are single, some of you are married, some of you are empty nesters and some of you have never had children. Some of you have a working history, and some of you have never taken that path. But we all have one thing in common…We are wonderful women 50 and beyond and starting our journey for the second half of our lives.

So, go on over and check it out if you are interested.

Well, that's it, Gerry survived the storm and will be shooting clean up tomorrow, Wes is too busy for a visit tomorrow so I plan to work out in my studio until the heat and humidity cause me to pass out :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Body Bags, seriously?!

The local news clowns are in their hyper excited storm mode and I just came in on this lead comment, "NC has ordered extra body bags"....... Seriously?
So I googled this and found the following story from AP (ironically with a photo attached that my husband shot:

Frisco Fire Chief Richard Marlin told The Associated Press that he ordered 75 body bags to supplement the town’s normal supply of 10.

I anticipate we’re going to have people floating on the streets, and I don’t want to leave them lying there,” Marlin said. If the storm maintains its current track, “the Coast Guard will either be pulling people off their roofs like in Katrina or we’ll be scraping them out of their yards.”

So far the storm has killed three people in Haiti (probably because they had no place to go, maybe?) This is a category ONE storm, I just can't imagine that there are going to be people floating in the streets. First of all, there is hardly anyone left on the Outer Banks, they evacuated. What in the HELL has happened to these crazy news people. I know I am married to someone in the news business, but trust me, he is nothing like this, in fact he has turned off the TV, can't stand this ridiculous panic these people create. In fact, I got this email from him today before I turned on the news:

" I just can't watch the tv news while I'm in the room. I saw one guy on tv doing his report, and he made it sound pretty bad where he was...then I recognized the guy and he was right outside my hotel window on the beach, and it was hardly raining, not blowing at all. His crew standing around him with lights and microphones etc....This'll be the guy later that will give me a great photo of someone getting swamped in a wave :)"

Where are Peter Jennings and Walter Cronkite when you need them! Remember the days when journalism had integrity and we sat at the breakfast table and read the newspaper? Sorry but I miss those days and it makes me sad to think where our world will be without trusted journalists and people that take what they do seriously and aren't just fighting for ratings. I even heard someone on NPR today refer to this storm as a storm of historic proportions. again, REALLY?! I do realize that a hurricane is nothing to joke about and there is some danger and I'm sure there will be lots of damage. But what will this be like when a class three or four comes in. These people are likely to explode from their excitement! When a really bad storm does come, people aren't going to trust the news, boy cried wolf and all that.

TV news makes me so sick I am seriously thinking of turning the thing off for good. Except for the fact that my husband is down there in it and I would like some clear concise and honest reporting of it.

Whew, that feels better, stay safe everyone!

Ups and downs and widespread panic

Yesterday evening the house was very quiet and I decided to play around with some decal paper that my pal Laura gave me. I have been wanting to use decals on my barns for awhile but I've never had the time to sit down and think it through without interruption. Plus, my dinosaur computer wouldn't size the images properly and I needed a laser printer which I finally bought. So the time was right to play and the results are exciting! Look for lots of farm animals to come soon, I'm digging this decal thing!

New color palette. I love the addition of blue to these colors I have been using. It makes me smile. What is it about blue.....
I had a comment on my post yesterday that I sounded negative. Well, here's why that might be so: this has been the first full week of Wesley being gone and she won't be home for another week when she has Labor Day break. Gerry is at the coast covering the widespread panic of Hurricane Irene, he has been gone since Monday and I have no idea when he will be home. And then I had this mess below to clean up first thing yesterday morning
my favorite pail blew up and so did my favorite barn. Of course, isn't it always the way. The things you like most or need for a deadline are the things most likely to not make it. How do they know? And then, as Paul Jessop wrote on his blog, I had expectations of what I thought some things should look like and they didn't so I'm adjusting to that. It's odd to me that all of the comments I got on the last post were positive remarks on the two pieces that I really don't like and will not make again. Sorry, but I really don't like them, they aren't what I wanted them to be and I don't enjoy looking at them....
I'm having lunch with my pals today and then hunkering down for the storm that may or may not hit NC. Say a little prayer that Gerry will be safe on the Outer Banks!!!! Happy weekend.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to the farm

As much as I have enjoyed the summer and have been influenced by my time at the beach, I'm ready to get back to the farm. I'm missing the comfort of making the barns that I know will turn out just fine every time.
I had a few pieces blow up in the kiln this week. The large barn I had the sand dollars on came apart at all the seams. I have made this same shape with success several times so I don't know what was going on, maybe it dried to fast... also a couple of buckets blew up, didn't let the terra sig dry enough I guess. And then I dropped a few things..... grrrr.
In case you are wondering I deleted the previous post to avoid being repetitious, I shot new pics of all this stuff this morning.

I'm not so fond of these, I liked them better before they got fired. They're ok, just not my favrorites...
I do like this one though
I think her head is a tad too small, maybe not, I don't know.....
The color of this one is so pretty, again, thanks Linda for convincing me to take another look, I almost bashed it up. The oxide wash helped a lot.
So, I have a slightly new palette, I'm adding a blue and a chartreuse to the rust and chrome colors. I like these colors together, but I'm thinking that the sea will go away for a little while. I do like the pails, so I'm making some rust ones to match my barns, and I'm deleting the shells.
What do you think? I have looked at all of this for so long I'm sick of it. I like it, just tired of looking at it. I haven't shown any of it yet to customers so I have no idea how any of it will be received. We'll see......

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hmmm...... this is kind of nice.....

I came in from my studio this afternoon, all forlorn (what is that nursery rhyme with the word forlorn in it, I don't think I have ever used this word, but I like it). Anyway, I digress.
Went out and checked the mail and I had a package, oh boy! I love packages in the mail that I didn't order for myself! Blogger and virtual friend extraordinaire, Gay Judson sent me this wonderful book. So, I poured myself a glass of wine, grabbed some cheese and crackers, a few grapes, went out on the deck, sat down and read. Bliss. I didn't have anything that had to be done. Gerry was out, Wes is not here, no dinner had to be cooked, no laundry, no errands, nothing. I could just sit and read and drink wine. Gay, the book is excellent, thank you, thank you! for a very nice surprise and a wonderful treat, I owe ya one!

I'll tell you more about the book as I read it.........

Monday, August 22, 2011

Off to a slow start

I thought I would get right to work this morning, but I woke up from some really weird dreams involving empty rooms and walking on moss and dragging a buffalo up a grassy hill. I know where the empty space dreams are coming from but what is up with the buffalo!? This all had me in a strange mood as I tried to wake up and shake these dreams.
My morning was pretty rough, I went by the library, cried because I have been taking Wesley to the library since she was born, she loves the library. Then I went to get some groceries, cried again, Wes loves it when I walk in the house with groceries. She starts going through the bags before I can get them in the house. No one EVER prepared me for how bad this was going to be. I can't even explain how I feel without her here. It's like I am lost and wandering around trying to figure out where I am. In the blink of an eye, my life has completely changed, and I didn't want it to change, I liked my life just fine. Yay for Wes that she is spreading her wings, finding her way, growing up, blah, blah, but damn it, her dad and I are in PAIN here! I want this for her, truly I do, but why can't it be a little less painful!!!!
Anyway, I finally drug my pathetic self off of the sofa, where I was curled in a fetal position, and I might have been chewing all of my nails off, and I went out to my studio and "just got to work" to quote that infamous Chuck Close. And well, what do you know, I felt BETTER. Wait, what's that? I had some new ideas, and yep, I'm getting excited to make some new things. Oh yeah, this is better, thank you studio! I found these little glass jars over the weekend that I plan to use with the moose hair from Cindy Shake and maybe some sand. Perhaps little niches in my barns or alter tiles, lots of possibilities....
I also picked up this angel mold that gave me all sorts of ideas today, these molds are always fun to play with. I once went to a studio in Asheboro that had a garage completely full of these molds and I think I looked at every one of them, then bought three.
I'm thinking about making Wesley a small alter for her dorm room with this angel. Maybe one that can sit on her desk....

some new color tests
and Linda Starr will be happy to know that I managed to salvage the blue barn after all. I put some black oxide on it and toned down the flourescent blue quite a bit.
Then Gerry and I had pizza and a bottle of cheap red Australian shiraz from Trader Joes. If I stay busy and buzzed on red wine, I just might survive this college thing :) for all of you with small children, call me in a few years, I'll talk you through it!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Someone stole my little girl

It has been a week since we dropped Wesley off at school and it took one week for the art school bubble to absorb my little girl and turn her into a young woman, full of joy and confidence in her chosen path. She is so happy and excited about her future and it makes me so proud to know that Gerry and I have helped her reach this place.
We took her to dinner and then went for a walk around Old Salem. If you live near and have not visited Old Salem, you should. It's a beautiful old working Moravian village. When we lived in Greensboro, I would take Wesley out of school one day every fall and we would take a trip over for lunch and a tour. We would take the horse and buggy ride, buy bread from the baker, steal cherry tomatoes and grapes from the gardens and have lunch in some grassy place. And now her school is right across the street from this wonderful place. It started raining on us and we ran into this stable to stay dry while the storm passed. I could feel the stress of the week melting from all of us as we sat there together watching the rain. Nice......

What a life, going to school with a bunch of artists and having an old Moravian village across the street for atmosphere. I am so jealous! All is well, tomorrow rest, then Monday starts a full week in the studio!
BTW, I have had no beer, very little sugar, yoga every morning and I have lost three pounds!!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Now what?

Wesley packed up her favorite tea cups to take with her, one from my good friend Laura Farrow and one from Jeff Martin who I used to blog with. I wish Jeff was still blogging and making these great cups, his work is so great. I have spent the past two days in a manic cleaning mode. I started with her room because it is really hard to clean around her. All the books came off the shelves, everything dusted and polished and all the little girl stuff put away. She will come home to the room of a young adult ready to rock the film world. I was amazed at her book library. Her reading mostly for pleasure, not just because they were school assignments: Shakespeare, Arthur Miller, Upton Sinclair, Emerson, Walt Whitman, Sylvia Plath, Thoreau, Edgar Allen Poe, William Faulkner, Cormac McCarthy, HG Wells, all of the Tolkien books, and her favorite Carlos Castanedas. She also has books about Pink Floyd, Kurt Cobain, books on writing screenplays, and lots of other strange readings like House of Leaves, Shutter Island and books by Haven Kimmel. The bottom shelf has some of her favorite childhood books, the collection of Harry Potter, books about wolves, Egypt, dragons, and many reference books on reptiles, birds, fairies, mythical creatures and the usual children's classics like Alice in Wonderland. This does not even include the crate of books she took with her. Many of these books I haven't read since I was forced to in high school, so I am thinking that I will go back and read them again. Who needs a library when I have bookshelves like these at home?!
I've been keeping very busy with this cleaning process. Yesterday was closest and drawers. The art room got a good purge, out went all of the childhood craft items like pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, glitter, paint by number kits that never were used. We always had supplies for school projects and I don't see any reason to keep a lot of this stuff. On to the thrift store so someone else can find some use for it all. I guess this is a process many parents go through when their kids go off to school, and it felt good to get organized and cleaned and get a lot of the old dusty toys and stuffed animals put away. I hauled four bags of trash downstairs and six bags of stuff for the thrift store. How can three people really have this much unnecessary stuff!
The above photo is registration day at UNCSA. The building with the long line and the marquee is one of the classrooms for the film school. Wes has a cinematography class in this building from 7pm-11pm, they will watch movies and talk about them. Sign me up for this class! The street is named Hollywood Blvd. and is one of the film school's sets. What a fun place to get an education. She has called home twice, very happy, not wanting to come home just yet, and I am really missing her. My mom and I have been consoling each other on the phone, I am now getting payback for all of the long weeks I stayed away when I was in school I guess. The more I go through with Wesley the more I understand what I put my poor mom through. Maybe now I will have more time to visit her and help her out. As our blogger friend Meredith well knows, you go from caring for your child to caring for your parents. What a strange circle of life.
This blog may become quite wordy with Wes not hear to talk to, maybe I'll do like Sophia's dad, Jim and give you a brief version then a warning to get a cup of tea :) Anyway, my blogger friends, I am happy that you are here. I have noticed some of my favorite blog readings have really slacked off, I hope that after summer it will pick up again, I like my blog fix!
Well, I have rambled on enough for now, I have some errands to do. Next week I start full time in the studio, wow! that will be amazing!! Thanks for stopping by, happy weekend.....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

There she goes

All summer, Wesley and I have spent each morning with a cup of tea and then yoga. This morning I got up and in the blink of an eye, my life has changed. For eighteen years I have fed this child, got her up at 7am for school, fixed breakfast, packed school lunches, driven her to school, picked her up, gone on field trips, volunteered in school, attended softball games, soccer games, concerts, plays, award ceremonies, taken her to music lessons, helped with homework, and arranged all of the things moms arrange for their child. And in just 24 hours all of this has come to a screeching halt. My daughter is now on her own, living in a co-ed dorm with actors, dancers, musicians, film students, and visual artists. Can you imagine how much fun this is going to be! Yesterday as we walked around campus there were kids playing their instruments, singing, dancers walking around with their little dance postures, we saw kids carrying violins, cellos, we met drummers, writers, and kids with so much love for their art. It was just incredible. Wesley's roommate is there for music, she plays violin and saxaphone and has been in a band here in Chapel Hill since she was in 8th grade.
I am so excited for my child and what her future will hold. It is strange here without her, but I am doing better than I thought. There is a little lump in my throat, and tears come unexpectedly, but I love where she is, I feel that she is safe and happy, so I have very mixed emotions. I am sad for the times that are gone and we will never have again, but I am so looking forward to hearing about her days at this unbelievable school and it is so interesting to watch my little girl become a young woman and use all the things that we have taught her over the years to become her own person. I have taught her to follow her heart, her instincts, to be mindful and take care of her spirit and her body. Her dad has given her the gift of looking at the world visually. He has taught her how to see things in a way I could never teach her. He has given her the confidence to be a strong woman because he gave her the stability of a family, no divorce, no absentee dad. He has been there for her every second of her life and they are so close, we all are.
Yesterday was a verrrrry long day! We were up at 6am and on the road to Winston Salem, taking Wesley and all of her worldy goods to UNC School of the Arts. We arrived at 9am, got her ID, room key, packet of information, mailbox and then got her unpacked. The school was so well organized, students were there unpacking everything for us and carrying it all to her third floor dorm room. We spent the entire day in orientation sessions for safety, health, academics, fitness, nutrition, student affairs, ate in the dining hall, saw a promo film of the film school, met all of the film faculty and somehow managed to spend a little time with Wes before we left her at 6pm.We are so impressed with this school and how attentive they are to the needs of artists. They understand artists. The dining hall has lots of vegetarian options and gluten free items which is great for Wes and the food is actually very good. They have yoga, which she will love, and the health services seems to be very attentive to the physical needs of artists. UNCSA was recently ranked the number two film school in the country next to UCLA and number twelve in the world, so I think she is going to get a really great education.
Good news is that I have lots of time for the studio now. Bad news is I can't call Wesley in and ask her what she thinks of some new idea I have and the house is so quiet without her. I now have to change the way I live and find out who I am without planning my days around school schedules and a kid's demands. I think we have been kick ass parents and we have raised one kick ass child, she is going to change people's lives, so watch out!
Here goes a new adventure, stay tuned!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

so so firing

I'm sulking right now after a not so great firing. Some of the new colors I tried weren't so great, I had a feeling they would be bad, they were. I seem to like white.
Also, the new texture on the little lobster shack looking barns is too much, it overpowers the form, it needs to be a little more subtle. I really don't like the way they turned out and some of the feet fell off. You would think by now I could score and slip but sometimes I rush things. I was at the end of an old batch of terra sigilata, and it crackled on some of the pieces, not a bad look, just not what I was going for. I layered white, rutile and gray and got some good, some bad results, don't know why the difference, same application, it just looks different on all the pieces. The little pails I made look great in white, but for some unknown reason I didn't put terra sig on the inside, now I have to come up with something for the inside which means a stroll down glaze hell avenue. Damn it!
One of the roofs on the larger barns cracked open, it was ugly anyway, I hated the blue I put on it, not even sure why I did that.
Here is what I do like. The white pails look great and the shell stain is awesome. Ahab's Wife turned out beautifully, new batch of terra sig that went super white and she is so serene.
All in all, I am disappointed, I thought I would have more things I liked in this firing and I am coming up on some shows so this really isn't the time to be figuring out a new path. My thinking right now is less texture on the barns, but some, keep them white and do more with the pails and the doll sculptures. Also, the bottles I made turned out very nice. I keep thinking I need some little shit for Festifall at least and for the studio tour, but I don't want to make little shit anymore. I want to do more sculptural pieces. Yesterday I made some little fish to raku. I know Allen Bennett is the king of fish around here and no way do mine look anything like his, mine are more of a pinch pot with no back that will hang on the wall, who knows, they may not even hold up, they have little fragile fins.
I'll try to post some photos next week. Wesley leaves for college on Tuesday, so I won't be doing much for the next couple of days except fixing her favorite meals, helping her pack and staring at her :) get ready, there may be post traumatic stress episode around the end of the week when it really hits me that she is living in another town.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Looks like I will be at Festifall again this year. This will be my third year, and it's a very good show for me, so I am very happy to have been invited! Doing this show along with the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Show and the Chatham Artists Studio tour means I need a LOT of work. This is good, Wesley leaves Tuesday and I will have plenty to do to keep me from missing her.
Wasn't it a beautiful day today? I worked in the studio all day and fired my kiln load of new terra sig colors and some new shapes. I also changed the sand dollar piece to look more like an alter piece and I'm very happy with it.
Looking forward to opening the kiln tomorrow and seeing what's good, what's bad....

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Who knew?

Sand dollars, like all members of the order Clypeasteroida, possess a rigid skeleton known as a test. The test consists of calcium carbonate plates arranged in a fivefold radial pattern.[2] In living individuals the test is covered by a skin of velvet-textured spines; these spines are in turn covered with very small hairs (cilia). Coordinated movements of the spines enable sand dollars to move across the seabed. The velvety spines of live sand dollars appear in a variety of colours—green, blue, violet, purple—depending on the species. The tests of dead individuals are often found on beaches, the textured skin missing and the skeleton bleached white by sunlight.
I received a comment on my post yesterday about having killed the sand dollars, so I thought I should explain. The comment was correct, and yes the sand dollars were murdered, but it was purely accidental. Let me explain. My friend Barbara took the ferry to Sand Dollar Island where they encourage you to look for sand dollars. What they don't bother to tell you is not to take the BROWN ones. They are alive and you will kill them. Well, Barbara did take the brown ones and later that evening was at a party where she mentioned finding these brown sand dollars. A lady there scolded her good for having done this and now Barbara feels just awful about having killed these sea creatures. Never in a million years would she have done this if she had known. Neither would I, we even take the bugs in the house outside, we don't squish them. So anyway, my question is why on Earth is this ferry taking tourists over to this little sand bar to collect sand dollars in the first place and why don't they educate the passengers on the way over,there is plenty of time to have a little chat and remind people to only take the white ones! So I apologize if any of you were offended at seeing the brown sand dollars hanging on my sculpture. I think maybe I will make this sort of a shrine to them and when I show it have some sort of write up asking folks to respect our coast. The commenter on my blog was right, the tourists do as much harm as anything. When I went over to Shaklelford Banks a few weeks ago, it was littered with so much trash, I just wanted to come back with a trash bag and do some clean up. I did fill my bag with some things for re use. I found tent stakes, really cool glass bottles, sunscreen, a very nice pair of shorts (WTF), and some other stuff that people had either lost or just left behind.
Anyway, sorry to the little sand dollars who lost their brothers and sisters, we won't do it again :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Some work, some reading

The Chapel Hill library had a book sale last week and I found this book The Sea Children. The book is poorly written but it has beautiful illustrations, which is why I bought it. One of these days, I am going to make some decals..... the seahorse is for Linda Starr :)
I finished Ahab's Wife, loved it, loved it, very sad when it came to an end. So I went to the library and checked out Moby Dick, just to exercise my brain, I suppose. This is some tough reading for moi, but I'm enjoying it, and it has pretty pictures, haha!
My friend Barbara brought me some sand dollars from Shackelford Banks and I wanted to use them somehow on the barns, so this is what I came up with. They are really pretty, fuzzy and brown.
These barns are getting bigger and I'm making platforms for them to give them some show presence. Not an easy task, but I still seem to enjoy making them and I am loving how they look right now with all the texture and gouges in them.
I have the kiln packed and ready to go. It's supposed to be cooler here on Friday so I am going for it. I have to get some of my test tiles fired before I move forward with some of the new terra sig I have mixed up. I have found that when the shelves in my studio are completely full is is just enough to fit in this kiln. So, fill shelves, fire kiln. I will be doing a lot of that for the next couple of months!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Disappointment, Elation, Frustration

First of all the disappointment: I had a post about food and diet and got around 20 comments and over 200 views on that post. I post about the potential destruction of our coastal way of life and I get 2 comments, one email and around 150 views. I thought people would be as outraged as I was and go off on this topic.... hmmm....
Elation: I am married to a really great man, who bought me a Macbook pro 15" computer yesterday. I didn't say "new". It's new to me, but belonged to a friend of ours who changes Macs every time a new one comes out and I am the recipient of his old ones from time to time, lucky for me! It's still in fine shape and sure beats what I have been using, my poor little dinosaur.
This has been my Mac progression. Gerry bought me the little one up top for Christmas a few years ago. Then our friend bought this one I just got, so I got the middle one from him. We just got Wesley a Mackbook pro for college, Gerry has the same one plus an iMac desktop for work and now I have this one. That makes six Apple computers and three ipods, I think Apple should send us a coupon for something free! I know this looks a little sick, but Wesley's was discounted through the school and financed through her loan, Gerry gets his from the AP, and I got a deal you would not even believe, so don't think we won the lottery or something! We are just resourceful.
and then begins Frustration! I am moving all of my files from my old computer to the new one, Holy Crap, what a day this has been. If you have a Mac you know that you can use Apple mail to send photos from iphoto. That is mostly what I use it for, the email part of it is futile and will drive you mad. For some reason I kept typing in the wrong smtp outgoing server and entering port 25 instead of port 587 and then I forgot to invite all of the accounts to go online, and then I didn't check the SSL box, see where I'm going with all of this!? This is just my humble opinion, mindspring is a big mind fuck, if you ask me, so I am switching to gmail. I tried to send out a group email with some minor success, but in case you didn't get it, I have a new email address that I am trying to move to. It is :
simple, right!?