Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A different rhythm

 Yesterday had a different rhythm to it. I felt it all day. There was a chill in the air in the morning, so I took a pot of hot tea with me down to my studio, lit some incense and a candle, put on some music and slowly crawled to work. Does your ipod do this? Mine seems to sense the mood of the day and the shuffle songs fit accordingly. I have a lot of very different types of music and yesterday Hank Williams and Ralph Stanley kept coming up in the mix with a little bit of Santana, then when things were getting a little too mellow, some Black Eyed Peas or some Pearl Jam would come on. It kept me in an interesting work rhythm and I got four houses made before I had to leave for my weaving class. Quite a productive day. Last night in class,  I "drew" my heddles.
It took me three hours last week to do the warp board thing and sley my reed, three hours last night to draw my heddle. This is definitely a different rhythm! Six hours of work and I haven't even started to weave! I forgot to bring my camera, but just picture a lot of threads going through tiny holes. I have four harnesses and my pattern was 1-2, 1-4, 2-3, 1-2, and I did this 14 times. Large woman behind me talked the entire time and I found it very hard to concentrate. Normally I would be hating this person by now, but she is actually a very sweet person and I sat there smiling most of the time at some of the crazy shit she was saying, but I am definitely going to have to bring my ipod to drown out the constant chatter. Once again a lesson in not judging people. I imagined what she might be weaving would not be quite my taste, but I took a break and went back to see what she was doing, when she announced to the class that we should see her scarf, it was very pretty, haha! so how could one resist getting up to take a look:)  and you know, she was right, it WAS very pretty, Who knew.....
Today I am making little houses for these guys. They are so funny. I almost want to do roofs to match their outfits but that would require major effort with underglaze or mason stain figuring out and I'm just not into it, so I will stick with what I got for now. I am almost out of all the little treasures I picked up all summer. I'm going to have to go out searching again soon. Off to work now, I'm loving these cooler mornings, happy day everyone!


Lori Buff said...

My iPod defiantly senses my mood, it's a little weird but nice too.

Isn't it nice to make judgments about someone then find out you're wrong? Unless of course you've judged them to be trustworthy or something it's always such a fun surprise.

The little dolls will look great on your houses with the current roof options. I'm looking forward to seeing them and the new things you find.

littlemancat said...

I like your blog so much- it reflects your wonderfully creative spirit. And yes, the lesson on judgments is well taken. It's so easy to put someone in a box- young people,old people, those so quiet, and those noisy people. Life is so much more complicated than that.
Thanks for your blog-
Mary Ahearn

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Lori, I learn more every day to not judge others. My daughter is actually my best teacher, such a non judgmental girl, she teaches me every day! LAst week with all the chatter from this person, I thought I would scream, but I gave myself a little talk before class last night to just accept people for what they are and move on with it!
Hi Mary, thanks for the comment, so right, it is so easy to judge someone too quickly and life is complicated:) I seem to get more tolerant as I get older thank goodness!!!

Susan Wells said...

Yes! those three are funny! I'm sure they're liking hanging out together while you make their homes...And you have a new language! Weave! So cool. I see you so clearly moving those fibers around with the loom. Cool process.

Laura Farrow said...

Grandaddy's Antiques awaits!! And that barn one you told me about... let's go there too. xo

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Susan, I know! I speak three languages now, clay, weaving and just regular people stuff, haha!
Laura yes, I need to seek the treasure :)

Vicki said...

Looking forward to seeing these little guys in their new homes. They are so cute!

I'm afraid I was guilty of 'prematurely' judging someone who turned out to be one of my best friends. I blush in shame at my quick judgement of her.
I too learn much from my 21 year old son. He seems to have the wisdom of a seventy year old! Soft spoken and deep thinking, he keeps me in check :)

Love your teapot by the way. Happy weaving!

cookingwithgas said...

I love fall- love!

Hollis Engley said...

Autumn's here on the Cape, though the grass keeps growing. Got a new lawnmower yesterday, so Dee's gardens will show up better with the hay mowed. I'm eager to see your weaving, Tracey. My mother was a weaver for a number of years, before Alzheimer's took all that away.