Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Snow Lion Dance

Wesley and I said goodbye to our new friends yesterday at a local Chapel Hill dojo, where they performed the Snow Lion Dance and lead a meditation. More tears....

Back to my own reality today. I fired a quick raku of some pendants and ornaments I needed for the $20 and under shoppers at the Farmer's Market.

More clay related posts to come, enjoy Wesley's short video of the snow lion, it's pretty great!

peace ya'll


Unknown said...


Lori Buff said...

Love it.

Susan Wells said...

I wanna dance around with that creature!

smartcat said...

What is there to say but wonderful and amazing. It makes me want to dance!
Congratulations to Wesley on a fine job!

Vicki said...

Great video Wesley, thank you so much :)

I love Lion dancers! I know there are guys inside, but when they start to dance and move, they become alive!
They seem to take on a character - a spirit - all their own.
I always want to reach out and pat them, they seem so real.

And this Snow Lion is so beautiful. Oh, his eyelids.
He's almost like the Luck Dragon :)