Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Just us chickens

I pulled this photo from my instagram, yikes! It got squished up, looks better over there :)

Creativity is sitting in the backseat these days as I ride this summer wave of July. Mornings find us watching/listening to the Tour de France, which seems to be a bit lack luster this year. It is our tradition to hibernate in the cool dark house during the heat of the summer and watch the tour. We are streaming it this year since we gave up cable TV. That way Gerry can pick it up whenever he isn't working. Is there anything a computer can't do these days? 

We go out in the yard in the evenings when it gets a little cooler and let the chickens play in the yard. It's way more interesting than trying to find something on TV. Wesley and I have been searching thrift stores for furnishings for her house. Not a lot of luck, the thrift stores are thriving these days, and you have to move quickly to get the good stuff.  I literally turned my back yesterday after spotting a really cute bedside table, and it got picked up by someone else. I love the thrill of the hunt for the really good stuff though, it's way more fun than the mall! 

My summer has been a blur of family necessaries. Gerry's surgery, his mom and dad and their issues, finding Wesley a new house. I managed to squeeze in a moment or two in all of that for myself, but it sure has not been about me this summer, everyone but....

I dreamed about holding a sleeping baby three nights in a row, and googled dream interpretation out of curiousity. According to "those that know about these things":

- To dream sleeping baby/s: symbolizes great development of the future; tomorrow will be even better than today; you are in the right direction; there isn’t any need to change something because prospect of success or happiness in the future is developing well.

That's sounds good doesn't it! Glad it doesn't mean I am about to become a grandmother!  Five more days with Wesley, then it's back to school for her. Our very last back to school summer.... sigh.


Unknown said...

...Phew! : )
Hey Tracey, it's been a few posts. Le Tour and chickens sounds like enough to me for now. We've been thinking about getting some chickens. Going to go visit some and see if our yard is up to the job, it's not as spacious as yours.

Dennis Allen said...

Wes has had a short summer. Hope she has a wonderful last year of school.

cookingwithgas said...

Come here, I have too much stuff.
I have this chair and small loveseat that has possibilities, interested?

cookingwithgas said...

And some side tables...Really let's talk.

Tracey Broome said...

Scott, get chickens! I wish I had them when Wes was a kid, they are so fun and great pets! and very easy, lots of online information to help you, if I can do it, you sure can!
Dennis, yes, it was waaaay too short!
Meredith, sounds great, might have to take you up on the offer! Maybe next week we could visit.....