Sunday, June 23, 2013

Saturday In Saxapahaw

 There was a nice crowd at Saturdays in Saxapahaw yesterday, although not as many as usual. I got there to set up around 3pm and the rain poured promptly at 3:30, of course. It lasted just long enough to muddy everything up and turn the air hot and humid, very not pleasant. The market was moved from it's usual location of the grassy space to the Haw River Ballroom and the covered porch was a nice place to be.
 This old converted mill has so much character and is such a fun place to hang out on a Saturday afternoon. There are good food vendors, cold beer and good music along with fresh produce and beautiful crafts. What could be better?!
 There's my little sheltered space under the deck of the coffee shop, which also had cold beer on tap, how convenient for moi!
 My neighbors with their hand crafted wood bowls and fresh veggies. So nice.

 And my view of the river, just last Sunday the sand from the mandala was blessed and poured into this water.
 Beautiful day, beautiful place to sell my work. The crowd was light thanks to the weather, but I had a few sales and met some really nice folks, so thanks to all of you for stopping by.
Speaking of selling my work, another gallery I was in has gone away. A few people knew that Suzanne, owner of the Saxapahaw Artists gallery was going to be closing after the construction of the mandala. It was a huge metaphor for her, and she was emotional the whole week, knowing she was closing this fabulous space. There were lease disagreements, and she just didn't feel like yet another battle so she has moved on. Sad to see this gallery go, I got a check most every month from them. I'm really over this quest to sell my work. It seems like one step forward two steps back constantly.
I have been asked to be the prop designer for four more shows at the Artscenter through next May, and I said yes, backing out of  Festifall and the Designer Craftsmen Show, where the weather and the customers are unpredictable, and choosing instead to say yes to an email that already told me what my pay would be. This makes a lot more sense to me these days. I make the beautiful little sculptures and I sell $15 necklaces and ornaments. I also sold another woven piece yesterday. Maybe that should be telling me something..... who knows. I do know that I am over this economy and trying to make money from things made out of clay. At least for awhile, I'm just going to do a little clay, a little weaving and work at what I do best, designing stage props. Anything to avoid that 9 to 5 business!


oldgreymare said...

I am practicing the 'let it out into the universe " philosophy these days. I putter with paint, then paper, and everyone sells "SELL SELL" but then it doesn't or I freak at what that entails so I do nothing.....

I'm the opposite - I want my little part time job to turn full time..Of course it is the perfect place to work with just 3 gals so....

I just keep trying to RELEASE, stay calm and see where I land..
and then I break a tooth and it's shot to hell lol

Michèle Hastings said...

Your spot at Saxapahaw does look sweet!
Designing stage props is keeping your hands and mind in the creative industry along with bringing in some steady money... I too would have passed on shows to do that gig.
Sad to hear of another gallery closing.

Metalphor'em said...

I'm still sore from chasing my 2 yr olds grandson around. Gee, sounds like you have a nice calm experience with art. Mine feels like a savage struggle for survival. Have any rich girlfriends that want to marry an "Artiste". I'm very "Creative".

Metalphor'em said...

My phone if you want to weld your porch swing. 919 444 3565 I could use a few bucks today.

Unknown said...

Hi Tracey- that does look like a sweet spot to have a booth. Glad to hear the day was a good one for you.

I finally gave up on craft shows and never did the gallery thing- though did do a few consignment shops and that was a paperwork/inventory nightmare. SO-I decided that the only 'shows' I will do are the two I coordinate in my town. The rest of my sales come from my little shop at the house or on line. Keeping it simple seems to work best for me...and I have not missed the shows at all. (if I could underline I would underline AT ALL!!!) ;)

How about weekend hours in your lovely studio space? Would that work in your area?

Lori Buff said...

That does look like a sweet spot for your set up.

Congrats on being offered the stage props gig. You love that work too and it's always awesome to get paid for doing what you love.

Vicki said...

If you're being "taken" in a certain direction, and, if it feels right... go for it!

Love the long shadows in your last photo.