Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First of all, I enjoy all of your blogs so much! and learn so much every day. I have been wondering about my list of bloggers, I only have a few listed, but if you go to Ron's blog or Sawdust & Dirt you can find most of the blogs that I like the most. It seems redundant to put them on mine as well, but I don't want anyone to feel that I am "dissing" them by not posting their blog. If you want me to, I will gladly, just let me know. Otherwise find some other great bloggers through Ron and Michael, that's how I found them.
Second, I was a bit disturbed by the Anderson Cooper comments on Michael's blog. This has been such a positive and supportive community of artists and I feel like I have new friends out there. It saddens me to see such negative energy come in especially with something that was so obviously a joke and a clever one at that. Too bad for that....
Third, I am going to join Ron for some self analysis here: I was a designer for the Charlotte Repertory Theater until we moved to Chapel Hill. I got to go to Clayworks in the morning and then to the theater at night, perfect schedule. I tried some theater here but my pottery head kept getting in the way, so I took this past year off to focus only on pottery. That was fine until we went to NY and stayed in the theater district and saw Spamalot. I started missing the theater really bad. Wouldn't you just know..... when we got home I had an email from Playmakers asking if I was interested in a summer position working on The Music Man.
Divine Intervention possibilities arise, right? Anyway, of course I said yes, and now I am trying to work out in my head how to have a split personality again, pottery/theater career. Can it work? I guess it will have to because I love doing both. Plus, I am really good at what I do in the theater, I have a lot of experience, and I can say with confidence that I am good at this.
So maybe I will just have to work in my studio in the mornings and the theater in the evenings, and see what happens................This is the first set I ever worked on, what an amazing cast and crew that was! Thanks to Michael Bush, fantastic director that you are!


Jen Mecca said...

Wow, now that was a post!!
Loved your photo's from New York and the one of your girl. A chic with a guitar is always a cool thing ( will I be saying that when both of mine are that age? )
Peace, Jen

tsbroome said...

Yep, you will be saying that! Wes started in Orchestra in Charlotte with the violin and I was thinking that was cool, until she picked up the guitar. The guys love it! She is now thinking about electric violins, hmmm......

doug fitch said...

Hi Tracey

That stage set looks amazing.

I have a namesake in the USA who is a theatre designer. He came to stay with me a couple of times and we made pots together. (see here and scroll down and look for a post called The Same Handle

He does work with Placido Domingo and the likes. He's also a crazy artist, a former puppeteer on the muppets and a really great guy. Pity he stole my name though.

Never give up the potting!

Ron said...

Hey Tracey, I bet getting back into the theater side of life will be good for you and maybe good in some ways for your pots. I have the problem that I think every decision I make is something that will be forever permanent. Of course that's not the case, things change all the time, and I can always choose something else.
That is an amazing set. We never go to the theater in Charlotte ,but should.
What a crazy comment on MK's blog about Anderson. Boy some people just don't get it do they?
Have a good day.

doug fitch said...

Yes, that person on MK's blog's deranged, I read some of the other stuff they'd been writing - what a bitter, unhappy person.

And Ron, yes, well said, nothing's forever - oh, except skintness

ang said...

you go girl, sounds like a great recipe to me, slush in the morning, a song and dance in the evening and squish a bit of family in between, go on you can do it!!