Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bakersville Treasure

Here are some of the pieces I brought back from Bakersville when I was up there. I wanted so many others, but I brought a specific amount of money for purchasing pottery and it went rather quickly. At least I know what I'll go back and get on my next visit.
Michael Kline, this little bowl loves strawberries and chocolate
Shawn Ireland, great for green tea
Michael Hunt- black beans and rice were great in this bowl! I bought this piece at Crimson Laurel. I really wanted one of Joy Tanner's trays also, but I bought this to remind me to stop throwing my bowls so thin, and I ran out of cash. Joy's will be one of the first things I go back to Crimson Laurel for.
By the way, just to help ease some of the self doubts and angst I have been reading lately:
I have learned so much since I have been reading everyone's blogs and I think I have grown as a potter because of these blogs. I have also received unconditional support from so many people that I don't even know. I went to Bakersville for a workshop and was invited by Michael Kline to stay at his place and they cooked dinner for me. They had never even met me. So much great advise has come my way and everyone is so generous with sharing their knowledge. There is no other community of people that I have ever been associated with, designers, theater people, photographers, no one that is more giving and helpful than potters. I am a stronger and better person for choosing to be with potters and I have made some wonderful friends for the first time in my life. All of you that have been sharing your self doubt, please know that I love and admire your work and look forward to your posts each night. It helps me to grow and it so helps to hear from kindred spirits. Go hear some good music this weekend, get outside, get a great hug from someone and maybe have a shot or two of tequila! This will cure all ills, promise!


Judy Shreve said...

You sure picked up some beautiful pieces on your trip to Bakersville. I've wanted to visit Crimson Laurel - but I've just visited online. And you are so right about potters being the best folks -- reading my favorite blogs is almost like a visit. Now where's my tequila . . . . tee hee.

Joy Tanner said...

It does feel so special to have these connections with new potter friends out there, even if it is online. Wouldn't it be neat to have a potter blogger meeting in the real world? I wonder if we'd even need to talk! There is a lot of energy out here in this clayblog world. I think we all need it.

Deborah Woods said...

Tracey, These kids sound like they are really lucky to have you as their teacher. It too helps me to read other potters 'confessions'. It cures that old feeling of believing that I am alone in my doubts or whatever.

While I agree with Joy that it would be cool to all meet someday, say at NCECA, I would be TERRIFIED! I am actually a little shy:(

I'm going out tonight to listen to my friend Bob play out, and I think I am going to take that advice about the tequila! It's been a long week!