Monday, August 4, 2008

Home from a weekend with John Britt and friends

Hi all: I can't imagine that anyone could have had a better weekend than I did. I spent Friday Saturday and Sunday up in Bakersville building a gas kiln at John Britt's. So this man is quite brilliant. We paid him to build his kiln. I did learn a lot and John made the work so much fun. He is also crazy and funny and has more energy than any one person should be allowed. Thanks John for a great time!
I stayed up at Michael Kline's house while there. I woke up Saturday morning to a beautiful fog rising from the Mts., plundered through his studio while everyone was asleep and found this wonderful little plate for breakfast. It came home with me.
Michael's place is so great, there were 6 deer over in this field but I didn't want too get too close so they would stick around. This is 6am Saturday.
Before I post photos of the kiln building I must first give a big THANKS to Stacy and Michael for giving me food and shelter while I was in town.
Michael and his wife Stacy were wonderful hosts and fixed me a feast for dinner on Saturday night. If you have ever been to Michaels you will understand this, I could not stop looking around his house. It is such a welcoming place with every surface covered in a great piece of art or pottery. Even his kids drawings pinned on the walls are great. I could barely eat for looking around at the table and trying to figure out who's pieces we were eating off of. I had a Michael Hunt plate that looked so amazing with my spinach and black bean tortilla(Stacy made the tortillas from scratch) and I know there was a Kline pitcher on the table, the rest blurs, it was so wonderful. Maybe Michael can fill in the gaps.
And then there were these two little beauties. Evelyn and Lillian, my new best friends. Are these not the two cutest things?! They have their parents looks and talent and are so warm and friendly. I popped up the top on my VW van so they could get up in the top and play. Here they are in the van.
I have lots of photos and will post my visit to Crimson Laurel Gallery which is a MUST SEE while in Bakersville, my visit with Shawn Ireland, and of course the kiln building process. I also have some photos of my pottery purchases. I have no camp this week and I don't plan to do any pottery. I just want to take in all that I learned this weekend and start planning for my own kiln construction. So this week will be a John Britt blog spot! Stay tuned..........................


Deborah Woods said...

Other than being jealous of your kiln building experience I am struck most from this post by just seeing you (I assume that is you in the photos). I have only seen that one profile image so far and realized that if I had run into you on the street and looked at you dead on I wouldn't have recognized you. It's nice to be able to put a face to words. Since I look different in every photo, I don't think I'd be recognized either.

tsbroome said...

I know what you mean, I look different in every photo too. Each one I get older looking :)
Also, when my daughter shoots my pictures I look better, she is a great photographer.