Sunday, November 2, 2008

kiln #2

OK, got my stuff out of Deb's kiln last week, just a few good things, got my wood fired pieces this weekend, much better. I was happy with every piece, a rare treat for me. The pot above has so much going on, I have no idea where the little red dots came from, but I love them. I can't believe the success we have had with a kiln we have only fired twice. Susan's pieces looked great but she took them all straight to a gallery that was waiting on them, so no photos. I'll pick up more from Claymakers tomorrow and I think it will all be gathered up. By the way, for those of you thinking it, yes I do live with a professional photographer and my photos should be better but he was covering Obama, McCain, Biden and Palin last week on their rampage through N.C. , so as you can imagine I didn't really think I should be asking for my pots to get the pro treatment. Thus the very non pro shots on my ware boards. I'll get better ones after the election!
This is my favorite piece of all. Some people I have showed it to really don't understand why I say this, but it just shows so many things that the fire did to it. I guess it's a pot only a potter could love. I'm keeping this one for myself.
Yes, I ripped off the thumb print dimple in the sake cups, but I don't think I'm the first. It's just that these little cups cry out for an indentation so they don't slip away.
I love the craggy crunch and the shino combination. It feels good to like something for a change. Last week, when I picked up my gas fired bowls I had a big 'ol pity party and went through that "what the hell am I doing this for" thing. I read that Saturn and Uranus are in exact opposite positions on election day, first time in forty years. They are opposing planets and this alignment is predicted to bring on all sorts of highs and lows and opposing happenings. Well, my firings are certainly proof that something is going on! If you like the White Stripes, check out the video below, I love Jack White's voice doing Jolene. Can you believe how much music comes from those two people? I have the original album by Dolly Parton singing Jolene and she does a better job, but Jack is still pretty awesome.Did anyone see him sing with Mick Jagger in the Rolling Stones film Shine the Light? Soooo great! But I digress, sorry...........


Jerry said...

I can see why that is your favorite cup...great ash on it. Can we see a pic of the inside?

potterboy said...

I can relate to so much in this post. Fabulous pots. Yes - inside pics too please.

tsbroome said...

I know Andrew, I thought about some of your blogs when I was writing this. I think you and I are on very parallel paths! I'll get some inside shots up soon.