Friday, November 21, 2008

Much Better

Alrighty, enough of that!
Feeling much better today, I think this is going to be a quick and dirty head cold. I said goodbye today to my little germs at the Montessori. Man,they have smiles that absolutely light up the room! And the tiniest little hands! This was a fun week, no productivity as far as my pottery, but great joy in my heart, so that's a good trade.
I would like to post some pictures from the week, but a lot of the parents wouldn't consent to photos, so I didn't try to sort out who was who with that. Day twelve with no heat, getting kinda used to it now.


Judy Shreve said...

Poor baby - a week with germy - (but sweet) kids & no heat at home. No wonder you have a cold.
Hope you feel better soon - and you get your heat sorted out. Whew!

PS - I love my drumming kid. Does your husband still get a chance to play? I sure he loves watching your daughter perform.

tsbroome said...

Gerry and Wes play together a lot. When her band is over he usually sits in with them for a while. He is a really good drummer and he helps the band a lot with advise since he had a band for a long time. Drummers are the very coolest aren't they!


What a cool life!