Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Invader Zim

Does anyone out there besides me and Wesley love Invader Zim? Wes started watching this when she was a little girl. It was such a whacked out show and I had some misgivings at first about letting her watch it, but since she was obviously born to be a writer, I thought it would help her creativity. We had to go to the dreaded mall last week and as I hyperventilated and started on my mall migraine, Wesley picked up this cool hat. I have had some pottery epiphanies and may blog about it later, but I'm taking a little break this week to get some Christmas stuff done.


Judy Shreve said...

We love Invader Zim! My favorite line is 'Oh no - we're doomed.' And we use it all the time & just laugh.
We have the whole series on dvd.

What a great hat! If I show it to my son, he'll want one! Ha!

tsbroome said...

yeah, we used to sing the doom song all the time. Wesley is getting the series on DVD for Christmas from her grandmother. We have the Christmas DVD. Hot Topic has all kinds of really cool stuff like pj's, socks, and much other fun stuff. I want the pj's, Santa!

Judy Shreve said...

Went to Hot Topics today & got a Zim t-shirt for a stocking stuffer!
It's so cool. Thanks for the tip.