Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Reality

Like Jen Mecca I was up at 6:15, got Wesley to school and then drove over to Claymakers for our annual studio big clean before the new sessions start. I can't believe this was my third year to be there for the first of the new year cleaning, time is a flyin'. We have two new assistants that seem to bring a bright new energy to the place and it is nice to have them around. Both are in the medical field and work at UNC hospital. I have taken so many classes with people in that field. Must be a good stress reliever for such intense work. Saturday I am starting a Raku glaze class with Barbara McKenzie exploring lower temperature glazes for Raku, should be fun. Susan Wells and I have been dreaming of taking our kids to Burning Man for a couple of years and talked quite a bit last night about it. This time the talk was of taking clay with us and building/firing a sculpture on site. We are talking about the Black Rock Desert in Nevada in August. Yikes! The one glitch in this plan is that the Steven Forbes deSoule class I want to take at Penland is the same time as Burning Man. No guarantee I will get in to the class, but still, I really want to take it. Why is it always like this for me? arghhhhh.....
So anyway, for January I have a kid's mini camp at the ArtsCenter, class on Saturdays and a possible part time job on the horizon, more on that if it works out. Wesley is applying to be a helper at Camp Celo up near Spruce Pine for the summer and Gerry is going to Hattisburg Miss. to shoot some more photos of the National Guard troop he may be going to Iraq with. Not to mention shooting ACC basketball nearly every night. I start teaching a hand building class at the ArtsCenter for February, so the new year is shaping up quite nicely so far. The future's so bright I gotta wear shades, haha!


Emily Murphy said...

Have you ever been to Burning Man? How old are the kids in question? I think it would be a great experience to take kids there - for the adults and the kids! We went in 2007:

If you ever want any advice, feel free to send me an email:

Whatever happens, it sounds like it'll be an exciting year for you!

tsbroome said...

We haven't been to Burning Man but I read everything I could find on their website yesterday. The kids will be 16 and Wes has been begging for a couple of years to go. Expense and distance are two of our concerns in addition to the fact that I want to go to Penland. Lots to think about.I will definitely email you if we decide to go! thanks

Sister Creek Potter said...

Thanks for your support! You and Wes remind me of Ben, my youngest son--a very dear person, loved by all who know him, totally authentic--you are in good company! i do think I am off to a good start in the studio. Cheers! Gay